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  1. JHRoss

    Combustion of sodium metal in pure oxygen

    Greetings to everyone, Please have a look on this youtube video Go to 3:20 and take a look at what he is doing, he cuts a little piece of sodium metal and let it burn in pure oxygen, Have you ever done this? Is it safe? Any health and safety advice? Regards
  2. JHRoss

    Chemicals need to be delivered next day morning or same day

    Greetings to everyone, Is there any hack when you desperately need some chemicals asap? Next day morning or same day in the afternoon? If there is any supplier that you believe is capable of doing this please pm me, Is there any other secrets I need to know when it comes to an urgent purchase...
  3. JHRoss

    Combustion of Strontium

    Greetings to everyone, When it comes to the combustion of Strontium practical, which form should I prefer the Strontium to be in? Granules? Dendritic pieces? We are going to put in water as well to see the reaction Regards
  4. JHRoss

    Blown bulbs, recycle or dispose?

    Greetings to everyone, When it comes to blown bulbs what are we supposed to do? To recycle or to dispose? If they are to be disposed which kind of disposal should we choose? Regards
  5. JHRoss

    Bactericidal Dishwash Liquid has escaped

    Greetings to everyone, I have recently noticed this thing under my sink, which came from this bottle What could have caused this? How to deal with such a precipitation? Regards
  6. JHRoss

    Best filter paper for chromatography

    Greetings to everyone, Would you recommend any specifications for a smooth chromatography practical? Regards
  7. JHRoss

    Strategy to deal with the chemical remains

    Greeting to everyone, What kind of strategy have you established in your school in order to identify the chemical remains in the test and boiling tubes? Regards
  8. JHRoss

    Lead Nitrate solution disposal

    Greetings to everyone, I have some small quantities of lead nitrate solution left in test tubes, I have already looked at the hazcard of Lead Nitrate and it says W2, So should I accumulate small quantities of lead nitrate solutions and wait for a Registered Waste Carrier to do this job? Regards
  9. JHRoss

    Producing Sea Water

    Greeting to everyone, When it comes to sea water practical do I need to bubble the CO2 in just before the practical starts or this can be done from the day before? Regards
  10. JHRoss

    Alkali metals in water in a non-lab classroom

    Greetings to everyone, A teacher came today and she stated that alkali metals in water would be safe in a non-lab classroom, Is this accurate? Regards
  11. JHRoss

    Lamp holders

    Greetings to everyone, I have a lot of these lamp holders in the prep room but never have been requested a practical where they were needed, For which kind of practicals do we use them? Can we use them instead of bulbs in circuits? How many Watts would be the ideal power for a simple...
  12. JHRoss

    Metal Salts (of flame tests) disposal

    Greetings, Metal salts of flame remained to the spotting tiles, Dispose or return back to the bottles? (worthes the risk?) If I choose disposal am I just putting them into zip lock bags and to the normal waste? Regards
  13. JHRoss

    Preparing Solutions from anhydrous or not anhydrous solids

    Greetings, I would like to ask you in regards to the solutions we prepare for the practicals from solid raw material, Could we use equivalently anhydrous or not anhydrous solid in to produce the same solution? Regards
  14. JHRoss

    Extracting limonene from oranges by steam distillation

    Greetings to everyone, I need to prepare 7 sets of "Extracting limonene from oranges by steam distillation" practical and I need to deliver them the chems: Cyclohexene Cyclohexane Do they need to been put in dropper bottles like bromine water? If not how do I deliver such chemicals? Regards
  15. JHRoss

    Accuracy on concentration determination

    Greetings to everyone, When it comes to titration for A-Levels you know is very important to be very accurate in terms of values of concentrations, Today I had to prepare 0,05 M Sulphuric Acid and I used as raw material 1 M Sulphuric Acid which I had prepared in the past and had put in a...
  16. JHRoss

    No Ventilation in prep room

    Greetings to everyone, I have recently noticed that the ventilation in the Prep room is off, I don't have but a few concentrated acid containers in a cupboard under the fume cupboard and a lot of diluted bottles for the practicals, Is this dangerous? Could this lead to health issues? Regards
  17. JHRoss

    What could be this gadget?

    Greetings to everyone, Just found this in the prep room, Does remind you of anything? Regards WHat
  18. JHRoss

    Is Van Der Graaf allowed in a normal classroom?

    Greetings to everyone, Is the Van Der Graaf supposed to be allowed to operate in a non-lab classroom? Regards
  19. JHRoss

    Universal Indicator dropping bottles

    Greetings to everyone, I was recently requested a demo in regards to Acids and Alkalines for year 7 so I collected some Universal Indicator dropping bottles, Take a look at what I saw: So apparently it has been evaporated, I am sure we didn't use it before the lockdowns, Does that means...
  20. JHRoss

    Making Hot Ice

    Greeting to everyone, Which is the easiest and more successful method to produce hot ice? I have already checked these two: How to Make Hot Ice: 15 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow Have in mind that we may present it online via a video Regards