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  1. Shannon


    hello all, Can anyone recommend free CPD training I can do online please, as I have asked and it's been allowed for me to work home 1 day a week. I have had a look at STEM but couldn't find any useful Tech ones.
  2. Shannon

    Work Twitter

    Good Morning all, I thought it would be nice to make a thread to share department/tech twitter pages. I made one last school year as the department maded one & I asked about making a tech one. I thought it would be useful as I share lots of photos on there and living via microscale life atm...
  3. Shannon

    Chem stocktake list

    Good Morning, Though I have created my own one of this I want to make sure that its an correct way of doing this as I do have some spare time and with not being able to do last year, wanted to get this sorted and make sure I am doing this right :) Hope you guys are all well and keeping safe
  4. Shannon


    I've seen a Year group one of these, so was wondering if anyone is doing a whole school bubble and could offer some advice as I am very confused
  5. Shannon

    Reusing Spirit Burners

    Afternoon all, We had some spirit Burners which we no longer use the chemical they would burn. Regards to 'cleaning them' to re-use them, would the rope/string need replacing too or can I use whats in there? I am very new to the care and re setting these up so advise will be super :laughing:
  6. Shannon

    Face Visors

    Good Morning all, Please can I have some direction on where to buy one please, it seems not all the sites are showing them. Thanks all! And Welcome Back too!
  7. Shannon

    Making gases

    Good Morning all, I need to make some gasses (Chlorine, oxygen, Carbon Dioxide & Hydrogen) IS there a cheat way of me doing this? Teacher has asked for 30 test tubes of each (and its crazy here atm)
  8. Shannon

    Spirit Burners

    Hello, I am unable to find anything on CLEAPSS but is there any dos and dont of Year 8s using the above? Can they use any liquid in there (ie ethanol ect) Thanks!
  9. Shannon

    messed up a book order... again

    I just want to go home.. I messed up an book order so the margin is 15mm no 8mm.. We dont have the right funds to replace these and now I am sat in tears in the prep room... Original company wont let them back if they aren't in the correct boxes I feel so awful.. I feel like the HOD is...
  10. Shannon

    Lead (II) Nitrate gone cloudy

    Hello all, We had a lead nitrate gone cloudy.. What would of happened??
  11. Shannon

    'Middle Leader questions'

    Hello, As my place is due an ofsted soon (eckk..) We have all been told we should be able to answer some of the middle leader questions.. including me. I have a slight issue... I know a few and done some research but has anyone else been able to do this???
  12. Shannon

    Replacement for Capillary tubing?

    Afternoon fellow techs, I was wondering what people use for the AQA Bio Re Prat of chromatography, we used pipettes in the past (clean, new ones) Can I just use these? Trying to save a very tight budget already :)
  13. Shannon

    Milk Decay

    Bio Only, Milk decay prat.. We seem to be having issues. The lipase is at 5% with 0.5M Sodium Carbonate and is not working.. Lipase was made fresh yesterday. I was told this is okay. Please can someone direct me in the correct line of the issue please? Thanks
  14. Shannon


    Morning all, As the school is soo cold, I am siting by my desk heater and doing some laptop stuff! With Lipase, does need to be made on the day kind of job? Just it's been a while and I cannot remember D:
  15. Shannon

    SOLD - Chicken items

    Hello, We have decided to no longer have/get chickens (Local fox gets to them really fast!!) We haven't had any since I have been here and was wondering if anyone was interested in buying the items? I will be posting on the tech page soon with pics ect. Not sure what we have got but it is...
  16. Shannon

    Agar cubes - Powder to use as ran out of Agar powder

    Happy New Year All! Hasn't taken me long to post on here - LOL I forgot about this issue until I came in today and did my 'reminder' of what people had asked for. What type of powder can I use instead.. I have some LB agar powder, will this be okay? Just worried about using Nutrient...
  17. Shannon

    Risk assessments - CLEAPSS

    Hello everyone! I have been given the task of collecting the risk assessments for science for the school. Where is the best place to get these from? I have never done a risk assessment (in document form) and I need to find some? (Just had mid year PM targets and forgot this was one of them...
  18. Shannon

    Suck Bunsen Burners

    Good morning all! I have invested in a small can of WD40 to help with some tricky bunsens which have the hole stuck... I have done a couple of sprays, yet this hasn't seem to do anything. Does anyone have any tips for me? Thanks
  19. Shannon

    TV Series Chernobly

    I was wondering if anyone had been watching this? Please no spoliers as I haven't seen the last one and unable to watch something like that late at night.
  20. Shannon

    Taking top part of a water still

    I have been only able been to take the top off once and I cannot remember how I did it... I have looked at my notes and found the manual (I think) but it does not say.. I need to get the cleaner into the main 'bowl' can anyone help me??