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  1. Stokes1

    CLOSED - Chemistry Technician vacancy - Plymouth

    Plymstock School in Devon is looking to recruit a Chemistry Technician. Closing date is Monday 15th March. Full details can be found on our vacancies page:
  2. Stokes1

    Vaccination for those over 56

    Just in case anyone missed the news at the weekend, anyone over the age of 56 can now book a Covid vaccination. I booked mine (both doses) online on Saturday and it was really easy to do:
  3. Stokes1

    BTEC practical exam Summer 2020

    Does anyone know if the BTEC practical for this summer's exam season has been released yet?
  4. Stokes1


    Is anyone else confused by the gloves standards? We have been buying boxes of powder-free vinyl gloves for years, but the pictograms on the boxes don't seem to match what is required for "disposable gloves" according to the latest CLEAPSS bulletin! I want to make sure we have some appropriate...
  5. Stokes1

    CLOSED - Physics Technician - Plymstock, Devon. Closing date 15th March.

    Would anyone with a good knowledge of GCSE and A-level Physics like to come and work with me in beautiful Devon?! My colleague is retiring soon, and we need to replace him with someone who can provide good technical support for the Physics curriculum. Some knowledge of Chemistry would also be...
  6. Stokes1

    Bunsen tubing

    We need to replace a lot of our bunsen tubing - any recommendations for the best sort to buy? Thanks.
  7. Stokes1

    Autoclave servicing - yet again! (sorry)

    I know everyone is probably fed up with discussions on autoclave servicing / pressure vessel testing, but does anyone know off-hand how much Zurich charge to do the safety testing on autoclaves? We've finally got the go-ahead for a service, and our premises manager has got a quotation from a...
  8. Stokes1

    Chromatography solvent

    Does anyone else find that chromatography solvents don't keep very well? In particular a mix of butan-1-ol, glacial acetic acid and water for the separation of amino acids. I made some up back in November, and stored it in a brown bottle in the flammables cupboard. I needed it again this week...
  9. Stokes1

    Determining glucose concentration (OCR)

    :(Has anyone else tried the new OCR practical PAG 5.2 - determining glucose concentration, using a colorimeter and quantitative Benedicts? I cannot get a meaningful calibration curve with my serial dilutions. A couple of the samples are transmitting more light than the reference sample, which...