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    Reagent Labels

    Is there anywhere that I can download labels for my reagent bottles rather than make them from scratch? I want to include name concentration hazard sign and and safety instruction ie. wear goggles
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    Chemical Cupboard in Prep room

    Does anyone know whether the chemical cupboard in a prep room should be locked?
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    Equipment Display Poster

    Hi Can anyone point me in the direction a poster that shows all of the common pieces of lab equipment? Ideally I'd like it to be of good enough quality to make a large wall display.
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    Hi I'm looking into buying a dishwasher. My questions are: 1. Does it have to be an industrial one, or can it be domestic as long as you rinse all the items first? 2. Can anyone share their opinion on the one they have please? 3. Are they expensive to run? I don't even have one at home, so its...
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    Mobile Fume Cupboard

    Hi All Has anyone any experience of mobile fume cupboards? We will need to purchase one shortly. Any help would be appreciated. Pros and cons etc. Thank you
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    Chlorine Water

    Hi does anyone know what concentration chlorine water needs to be for halogen displacement reactions?
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    Chemistry - Phenolphathalein

    What is the policy about allowing year 7 to use phenolphthalein? Does anyone know? I cannot find any guidelines