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  1. Nick Mitchener

    Grant JB1 waterbaths with plastic lining

    These plastic linings seem to go brittle at the top and a bit of rough handling can leave open holes where water could get down to the electrics. Grant have no more liners abailable so I can see a lot of baths being made unusable by this fault. It occurs to me that there must be a way of...
  2. Nick Mitchener

    Retired, again!

    It was my last day today, so my little retirement job that turned into a whole new career and lasted over 9 years is over. I think it is in the blood now though, so I'm not going to disappear, I have a projects a mix of house maintenance and Physics. Covid will mean more house maintenance than...
  3. Nick Mitchener

    CLOSED - Physics tech vacancy at Highcliffe Christchurch.

    My job advertised, incredibly well resourced physics dept, more kit than you can shake a stick at. KS3-KS5. Lovely preproom of your own. Great team.
  4. Nick Mitchener

    Sodium thiosulphate

    My partner spilt vegan protein shake in his car, mint chocolate flavour, and now the smell is rancid. He tried bleach, and then an enzyme treatment but I think the residual bleacg stopped the enzyme. I have suggested treating with Sodium Thiosulphate and trying enzyme again. It is quite cheap...
  5. Nick Mitchener

    Colorimeters the CLEAPSS way

    Work isn't great at the moment so welcomed the chance to make some new kit. My take on the CLEAPSS design and combining some ideas I've seen elsewhere. Spent a bit more to do a decent job, making five red and five green total is still under £50. They should last longer than the proprietary ones...
  6. Nick Mitchener

    New gratnells trolleys

    Congrats to Gratnells on re engineering the trolleys to get rid of the offset fixing hole. Also like the new fasters and the double crank hex key, assembly overall much quicker. Had to tap out a dodgy insert in the end of one, not sure everyone has the kit to hand for that but overall very...
  7. Nick Mitchener

    Room ventilation

    Well we have a new virus it seems, when it is cold and the school is paying for heating the aerosol load in the air is reduced and you can reduce the number of open windows. When the weather is warm and the heating is off the aerosol load goes up again so open more windows. My preproom has all...
  8. Nick Mitchener

    LGPS underpin

    Does anybody understand the underpin? I qualify, does that mean I can retire at 65?
  9. Nick Mitchener

    Converting ray boxes to LED

    One serious side effect of benches in rows in labs for covid safety is that we can't access power or gas so we are getting creative. Spirit burners are replacing bunsens where possible, battery strips replace power supplies. One stalling point has been our rayboxes. This is our prototype it has...
  10. Nick Mitchener

    AQA PAG for ionising sources

    Just been looking at a school that does AQA at A level. What is the PAG for ionising sources? We do OCR and do decay of radon
  11. Nick Mitchener

    Component tester for labs.

    Had a play today looking at something to stick on the wall in labs for fault diagnosis on electrics. I think just leads and MES bulbs. They have meters so can check batteries, and the ray boxes all have sockets so they can check leads and if it still doesn't work assume bulb or something else...
  12. Nick Mitchener

    Westminster power supplies

    We are looking for a class set of these, obviously we are poor, so we are hoping to get a secondhand set.
  13. Nick Mitchener

    Griffin rotary air table

    I think a few of you have these. Ours does not have the motor controller. I have been using a follower emitter that was used on a ripple tank but we could do with a finer control. I am happy to make one, but if you have the controller could you photograph the circuitry for me to give me a...
  14. Nick Mitchener

    do you have a collimator for your beta cup source?

    We bought a couple of the beta blocking attachments for radium cup sources, but I want to make one into a collimator. They were an adsolte bargain, and much cheaper than buying or making a collimator. I just don't know what would be the best size for the slit, so if you have one could you...
  15. Nick Mitchener

    water bath

    I have been doing a bit of maintenance today and while looking on ebay for parts saw this. We had been buying one or two a year to top up but now have 18 so won't buy any more. This one seems a good price and has a lid too! Needs a descale...
  16. Nick Mitchener

    50 ml round bottom spherical boiling flask

    We have two sets of big G equipment to do the Cavendish experiment but one is missing a 50ml round bottom spherical boiling flask. Size is pretty critical, the quickfit ones, of which we have several, are just too big a diameter. The three I have are Pyrex, and are 50mm od. Does anybody have...
  17. Nick Mitchener

    wanted 15-20 ohm rheostat with 4mm sockets.

    Have you got one knocking about? We are one short in our second class set of rheostats. As long as they have all three sockets it can be anything from 10-30 ohms. Obviously we would prefer free but we do have some limited funds Nick
  18. Nick Mitchener

    PAT testing and casual earthing

    I may be opening a can of worms but here goes. Our mains tester was condemned a couple of years ago. We started borrowing the battery operated one the site team had. We have just bought a megger P120 so the school has two battery operated testers. I was testing PH space saver power supplies...
  19. Nick Mitchener

    broken teltron tubes?

    Yes I know this is Physics but it might get more people here. It isn't the physics I'm after :) If you have broken teltron tubes that are going to be disposed of can I scrounge the boxes and inserts? I have one with no insert or box, and three with inserts but water damaged boxes. They came...
  20. Nick Mitchener

    changing to data harvest, but what sensors to buy?

    After much discussion we have decided to invest in Data harvest dataloggers, we are going to buy a set of the vision units. Now to decide what we should start with as sensors. This is a long term project started by an initial lump sum. So what sensors do you find get used the most with your...