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  1. becksc123

    Mitosis in garlic root tips

    Morning, I have not done the experiment using garlic roots to see mitosis. I have the garlic cloves suspended in water for the roots to grow. The instructions I have been given is to use Acetic Alcohol. What is this? Also, to use Lacto-propionic orcein stain, another method has Toulidine Blue...
  2. becksc123

    labels and sticky residue on bottles

    Help!!! hate when labels are stuck to glass bottles, etc and wont come off. Or come off and leave a very sticky residue on the bottles. Has anyone any tips to get rid of this problem. :mad: Tah Becky
  3. becksc123

    Are you in a union?

    I'm with NIPSA
  4. becksc123

    Teacher Ordering system

    If the teachers are wanting to book/order for an experiment, they will create a meeting via there emails and let me know what all they need. It then appears on my calendar and also, if they haven't given me enough notice, etc I am able to decline it
  5. becksc123

    Preparing a DCPIP solution for Vit C test

    Hey guys, I need to complete a run-through of the practical for testing vitamin C using DCPIP. I will be using ascorbic acid powder. How do you make up a DCPIP solution? and what concentration would this be? Has anyone done this experiment and knows how best to do it? Tah, Becky
  6. becksc123

    Needs/musts and necessities for a science tech :)

    Hey guys, Trying to make a list of things to order in the next school budget for the science department. I have been in the department 2 years and only starting to find my feet as the previous technicians had left the place a mess, and I needed to replace items, etc. I'm now at the time where I...
  7. becksc123

    Anyone know how to clean these?

    Unfortunately with schools in Northern Ireland closing for two weeks, a lot of glassware etc were left in disinfectant soaking baths. These metal spreaders (that we use for flame tests) where one of the things. Came back in to find them in this condition.... Does anyone know what I can do to...
  8. becksc123

    You ever been sent home sick?

    I have as I had a really bad flare up (I have Lupus which is autoimmune) my HOD basically said that your work isn't worth risking your health and then sent me home. If your not well, go home, especially with everything at the minute
  9. becksc123


    Yes my room is freezing. It used to be a toilet block years ago, so the only ventilation is a stupid fan that if turned on gives me a severe headache and affects my asthma/chest. The radiator doesn't work, the caretaker has had a look and also a maintenance man, and it cant be fixed, so hot...
  10. becksc123

    Diluting solutions for 1M etc

    No problem. I always will check the recipe sheets but was wanting something for handiness :)
  11. becksc123

    Diluting solutions for 1M etc

    That's Amazing Thank you :)
  12. becksc123

    Diluting solutions for 1M etc

    Morning guys. Is there a simple table etc that can be followed for making up solutions. I have to make up 0.1M, 0.2M, 0.3M etc of HCL. I am wondering if there is a generic table for making up solutions and the strengths, that I can print and stick up in the prep room. Tah Becky