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    PH Scale

    Afternoon experts. Could you all please give me suggestions of acid and alkalis that give colours on the ph scale. Obviously hcl for 1, naoh for 12 and water for 6/7 but I'm struggling for the numbers in between.
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    Tablets or laptops

    Morning I am looking into getting either some laptops or tablets for class use. Can any one suggest or recommend ones they already have in use and what you use them for? To start with they would just be used for researching topics etc but I'm sure there far better advantages of having them ie...
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    Those of you who are senior technicians and have another tech working with you or, even if your a tech and have a senior technician working with you, could you please comment below if want to. How much of your/their time is spent doing senior jobs. ie h&s, ordering etc? Also how do you/they...
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    Rsci Tech Process

    Good afternoon. I started my application to apply to be a Rsci tech with The Science Council. However, I haven't got very far. Third question in, it asking me to pick a professional body. I would like to use the ASE but it does not show on the questionnaires drop down box. Does anyone know why...
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    Heating mantle and quick fit

    A chemistry teacher has asked me to look into purchasing a heating mantle and quickfit so he can do distillation without a bunsen burner. Can any of you helpful people recommend some decent equipment
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    Old Equipment

    I have lots of old items, relics, that need to go to a good home. There are old microscopes, lots of old physics equipment and more. If I had the space I would make a nice museum area but I haven't. Can anyone recommend companies who would purchase them or take them off our hands. I've tried a...
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    Chemical store

    Good morning. I will be soon having my chemical store knocked down and rebuilt in another area of my prep room. Where it is being relocated too is currently the washing up area. Now I'm thinking to ask the builders to leave the sink and taps as a chemical prep/dispose area as it would free up...
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    RSCI Tech

    Good afternoon I have been asked by a science teacher whether I have considered applying for the RSCI tech award. The more I look into it the more I like the idea and I think the SLT will like the idea too, as our science department is having a massive overhaul and revamp. My question is as I...
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    Identifying bacteria

    Good morning all. Some classes have done some swabs in the classroom and are now letting them grow in petri dishes. I was just wondering if any of you had pictures of different types of bacteria so that they could identify what they have grown. Many thanks
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    Has anyone ever applied for grants or funding for school supplies or costs towards trips etc. If so where did you get them from?
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    Flame tests

    Morning We are doing flame tests next week and currently don't have enough copper II chloride. I have copper 1 chloride will that give the same colour flame or should i use copper sulphate like cleapss suggests.
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    What equipment do you use?

    For those of you that follow the GCSE aqa rp's. Please could you show me what equipment you use for the iv characteristics and resistance of a wire. By equipment I mean what resistors, diodes, bulbs etc to you use and where do you get them from. Thanks Kat.
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    Chlorine water and Bromine water

    A teacher needs both of these first thing tomorrow morning. Both ideally should be made just before the experiment but I only have time to make one. Which one would be best to make today and which tomorrow morning? To make the chlorine water I will be using the cleapss gas method and I have...
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    Non science classrooms

    Me again A teacher has requested small pots different metals and magnets to be taken to a maths classroom. No chemicals or mg ribbon will be going over to the room. Is this something They can do?
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    Burning Mg

    Morning What do you all use to view burning Mg ribbon through? We're currently using blue filter sheet cut into squares from Timstar but after reading on cleapps this morning' it says that the students should be using a passive welding filter. They also go on to say that blue glass or polaroid...
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    Health and safety documents

    Morning all. Please could you let me know what hard copies of health and safety documents you have in the prep room for the department. I'm currently updating the coshh data sheets, student safety sheets will be kept on our central computer system for anyone to access as are hazcards. I have...
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    Alkali suggestions

    Good afternoon, could you please hit me with what you all use for alkali solutions when doing neutralisation or testing acid/alkalis. We normally use sodium hydroxide, lime water and sodium hydrogen carbonate but was wondering if there was anything else we could use. TIA
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    Amylase again ...

    Hi all. Does fungal amylase lose effectiveness? I have some from 2013 and no matter how I try and dissolve it, It still wont dissolve.I have a cloudy solution with a sediment. I'm using 1g in 100ml of water. I've tried distilled and tap and a 0.1g solution is exactly the same. TIA
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    Pond weed practical

    Good morning What funnels do you all use on the AQA pondweed required practical. We feel that the plastic ones do not let enough light through but glass ones are too tall to put a test tube over the top. Any recommendations gratefully received.
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    Old Textbooks

    Good afternoon, I have cupboards and cupboards of old syllabus text books. They mainly are exploring science, physics biology chemistry for you, 21st century science and collins revision guides (not the thick white one's). My question is has anyone ever managed to donate their old textbooks to...