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    PH Scale

    Thank you this is just what I wanted.
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    PH Scale

    Afternoon experts. Could you all please give me suggestions of acid and alkalis that give colours on the ph scale. Obviously hcl for 1, naoh for 12 and water for 6/7 but I'm struggling for the numbers in between.
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    Too old to throw away

    I had two of these, I took them to a local auction house to raise some funds. Science equipment is very popular at auctions.
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    LabLogger user group

    I've been using lablogger for a couple of years and only today discovered how to do different stock list groups. Thanks @Peter Sigsworth
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    Bit of a random one but I get mine from a local raw feeding pet shop. They're not the greatest looking ones but still classed a s human grade.
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    Rescue dog

    I rescued my english bull terrier three years ago. I would just let them settle in first, it will take a couple of months for them to get to know you and trust you. Have a few toys in his bed/cage and let him come to you when he is ready. I would say getting them to learn dog etiquette whilst...
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    Setting up waves on a string

    I've just looked at my notes as I have the same equipment. I wrote: connect sockets on vibration generator to yellow low output and black socket next to it. Use frequency and amplitude dials to change vibration. I will have a search to see if I took any photos.
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    Most shocking finds in your prep room?

    I too have also found human bones (leg and skull) , a container labeled radioactive sources bottle buried under an old used fume cupboard filter in the chemical store, some kind of specimen stored in old jam jars where the formaldehyde has dried up.
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    Tablets or laptops

    Morning I am looking into getting either some laptops or tablets for class use. Can any one suggest or recommend ones they already have in use and what you use them for? To start with they would just be used for researching topics etc but I'm sure there far better advantages of having them ie...
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    Anybody done the Safe Practical Microbiology course?

    I did December last year. It's really good and very hands on.
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    Background Music

    I would love too but my senior doesn't like music on, she has said students cant listen to it so we shouldn't either. We literally sit in silence all day. Even if it did go on I guarantee we would only listen to classical as music as I don't think she ever listens to anything ever except for...
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    Those of you who are senior technicians and have another tech working with you or, even if your a tech and have a senior technician working with you, could you please comment below if want to. How much of your/their time is spent doing senior jobs. ie h&s, ordering etc? Also how do you/they...
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    Chem stocktake list

    E233 for me too. I have adjusted it so I have a tab for my liquids, powders, indicators, flammables, the ox box, biology, water reactive metals and metals.
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    Yes yes and yes. Go to the groups tab and look for the lablogger group.
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    Not being paid advertised salary

    I would email your finance person. In december I got told I was moving up a pay band, when it eventually happened the annual salary on my payslip was different to what I got told. I contacted the business manager and it was rectified in my next play slip, plus what I did not get paid the month...
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    Maintaining your prep room course

    I did it when it was free during lock down. Alot of it I already knew but if you're relatively new to teching, want to brush up or need accredited cpd I would go for it. I was having my prep room and labs refurbished so I did it so I was making sure I was starting with a clean slate and up to...
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    Hazcards or Student Safety Sheets

    last year whilst on a cleapss course, I was told it doesn't matter how you access the hazcards as long as you are. All teachers access them digitally here as does myself and my senior. You can guarantee you are always getting the most up to date information. Student sheets are unlocked on the...
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    Amylase: fungal or bacterial?

    I have used liquid amylase bacterial and diastase, both got good results. Also the cleapss recipe for buffers is brilliant.
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    Buffer solutions

    I use the cleapss receipe for making buffers. It uses citric acid and disodium orthophosphate. I mainly use it for the amylase/starch practical. I literally put in the correct quantities and check with a ph meter.
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    Rsci Tech Process

    Good afternoon. I started my application to apply to be a Rsci tech with The Science Council. However, I haven't got very far. Third question in, it asking me to pick a professional body. I would like to use the ASE but it does not show on the questionnaires drop down box. Does anyone know why...