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  1. Rock Chick

    Fume cupboards

    We had our fume cupboards tested over the break and one of the recommendations in the report has us flumoxed as we've (HoD or me) never come across it before. The testing company recommend that a list of chemicals used in the fume cupboard is attached to the side of the cupboard together with...
  2. Rock Chick

    Wanklyn's soap solution

    I have found litres and litres of Wanklyn's solution in the store that must have been bought for a practical that we no longer do (hard/soft water?). The MSDS suggests that it is predominantly ethanol but doesn't say what else. Is there anything I can use it for - cleaning? IDA substitute? or...
  3. Rock Chick

    Practical science posters

    Has anyone received their posters from ASE? According to the website they were sent on the 9th December to every secondary school, addressed to the Head of Science and Head Technician. Trying to work out whether they have been sent and who in school has got them 'cos they've not made their way...
  4. Rock Chick


    Hi all, I'm setting up microscale polymerisation using methyl methacrylate and lauroyl peroxide using the CLEAPSS video (I can't locate my written instructions from last year :() . 0.8-0.9g of lauroyl peroxide seems an awful lot to get into a micro pipette and doesn't tally with the amount that...