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    Alternatives to nail polish?

    You can usually pick up a tradescantia plant from B & Q for about £4
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    Spill Kits in Labs?

    I don't put spill kits in labs. I never give anything out in a quantity that would need the use of a spill kit so just keep one in each prep room for when I'm handling large quantities
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    Darwin Biological

    I think they're the company SLS use to supply bacteria etc. I've had a few cultures delivered recently and they seem good
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    Ripple Tank MkIII Review

    It can't be projected easily with a visualiser, but if you lift the lid up in a darkened lab it will project onto the ceiling. Thats how we use it
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    STEM Course - Technicians supporting chemistry 22nd April - York.

    I've booked on to it. Hoping it will still go ahead!
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    Better Equipped Alternatives

    We buy most of our supplies from SLS ( They are quite competitive with pricing anyway, but if you have a decent sized order it's worthwhile speaking to a rep. We've had issues in the past with the quality of some chemicals from cheaper supplies. Never had a problem with SLS
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    BTEC practical exam Summer 2020

    It was available 2 weeks ago from the secure section of the Pearson website. Our exams officer had to download it
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    Plastic bottles for 1M HCl and other such things

    I've just bought hundreds of these from SLS although they are the narrow neck version: They're cheaper than Better Equipped and if you have a large order, it's worth contacting a rep to see if you can get discount
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    Logit Live Datalogging Kit

    Sorry Nick- somebody had messaged me directly when I posted and I've only just had a chance to update this thread
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    Logit Live Datalogging Kit

    All of the equipment is now sold
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    Logit Live Datalogging Kit

    We're replacing our dataloggers due to system upgrades in school. I'm looking to sell: Interfaces x6 (maybe 1 or 2 more) Current probe x1 Voltage probe x1 Temperature probe x9 Temperature probe (high temp thermocouple) x16 Light gates x4 pairs Light level x12 Movement and position sensor x1 pH...
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    Protactinium Generators

    I don’t suppose you’d be willing to share a photo of the kit you made or instructions on how to make?
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    Protactinium Generators

    I'd love some advice on making the chambers? We were looking to buy the kit this year but can't afford the £275 but would love something to do half life properly
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    Unilab MFA Counter Modules

    Would anybody be interested in buying some of the Unilab MFA counter modules? Trying to raise some money to replace bits of kit
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    Thin Layer Chromatography (analgesics) - any tips?

    Just trialled this today- caffeine didn’t show up for me with iodine vapour but showed under UV light. I used 10:9:1 ethyl ethanoate:hexane:ethanoic acid and the aspirin just dissolved and didn’t show. Reduced the amount of ethyl ethanoate to 2:9:1 and it mostly worked although the deparation...
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    I used them for the first time over the summer. I had a rep come in to demo some equipment to us and she took the list of stuff I was ordering for the year and gave me a quote. We ended up saving quite a bit of money and the quality of their chemicals was a lot better than some other suppliers...
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    Preserving a brain

    The recipes are all in the CLEAPSS recipe book. That's how I do mine for our psychology department
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    Hi Mike I've just private message you
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    Brain Dissection

    We do this with A level psychology. We buy a pack of 4 brains from samples for schools and preserve one or two ourselves in formaldehyde (guidance on this from CLEAPSS) and then defrost one of the ones we don't preserve to show what it actually looks like
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    New Prep Room Furniture

    I have benches with cupboards underneath around the outside of 2/3 of the room, and gratnell racking arranged in 'bays' in the other 1/3. On one wall I have cupboards on the wall which are useful for somethings but aren't that deep so can be a little bit awkward. The under bench cupboards are...