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  1. Christine Broadbent

    Respiration Experiments

    I cut up old gauzes to fit the boiling tubes. You need to be careful with the sharp edges tho
  2. Christine Broadbent

    Disposal of SILVER NITRATE 0.1M

    CLEAPSS recommend diluting to 0.05M, then it can be thrown down the sink (Disposal W7)
  3. Christine Broadbent

    microscope trolley

    Thanks everyone. Have been given a bit more money so will try one of the Gratnells Callero range. Microscopes are the only equipment being used in KS3 at the moment so I'd better get something good.
  4. Christine Broadbent

    microscope trolley

    Luckily we have a lift I can use when I need to change floors and always on level ground. Just need something strong and reliable enough to carry 15 scopes at a time. I have a spare trolley but the wheel keeps dropping off so daren't risk using it!! Can you get 15 on this safely?
  5. Christine Broadbent

    microscope trolley

    Hi, I'm trying to find a sturdy trolley to transport 15 microscopes on, which is not overly expensive. Most I've looked at will take 12 comfortably but I'd like it to be bigger. Anyone got any recommendations please?
  6. Christine Broadbent

    COSHH and handgel / cleaning spray bottles ?

    I printed out labels and gave them to the premises manager along with COSHH hazard stickers. It didn't take him long to label every bottle!!!
  7. Christine Broadbent

    What are you cleaning?

    Ive ordered lens cleaning wipes, the sort photographers use. There much kinder to the eyepieces
  8. Christine Broadbent

    Guillotine/paper cutter

    We got ours from YPO, Rotatrim professional M12 trimmer. Really good, but no spare blades I'm afraid. Cost £69 last January.
  9. Christine Broadbent

    Aluminium sheet

    Hi Tanya, That's exact;y what I need. I didn't look at Sci chem because I don't think they are delivering at the moment. I'll order it anyway and just have to wait until this madness is all over!! Thanks
  10. Christine Broadbent

    Aluminium sheet

    Morning all, Does anyone know where I can source aluminium metal in a sheet? (Not kitchen foil). I can find copper and lead but none of the usual suppliers have aluminium other than kitchen foil which is too thin and flimsy for us. There was a small sheet of it here, when I joined the school 4...
  11. Christine Broadbent

    Hello out there

    Welcome eddievtr, which school are you at? I'm at Bradford Forster academy. If you'd like to attend our tech 'get togethers' you'd be very welcome!
  12. Christine Broadbent

    borax snowflakes

    Thank you everyone, we used borax in the end and it worked very well.
  13. Christine Broadbent

    borax snowflakes

  14. Christine Broadbent

    borax snowflakes

    Yes thanks, I do have access to CLEAPSS
  15. Christine Broadbent

    borax snowflakes

    Thanks, that's the method I intend to use, just wasn't sure of conc and volume of borax solution needed
  16. Christine Broadbent

    borax snowflakes

    Afternoon, Does anyone have a reliable recipe for making borax crystal snowflakes. We're having a 'Christmas' themed science club for the next three weeks, and any recipes I can find on the internet are 'american' and not very accurate.(No offence to anyone from USA intended!) Thank You
  17. Christine Broadbent

    anhydrous copper sulphate

    Thank you. I'll give it a go tomorrow
  18. Christine Broadbent

    anhydrous copper sulphate

    Afternoon, We're very quickly running out of our supply of anhydrous copper sulphate. I have ordered more but until it arrives would I be able to dry the hydrated version and use it successfully. All they are using it for is a very basic evaporation experiment, TIA
  19. Christine Broadbent

    Round bottoms!

    Just wondering why evaporating dishes are almost all round bottoms? You can transfer the solution into flat bottomed crystallising dishes. Most suppliers have them.