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  1. Peter Sigsworth

    ISAN-8 COVID disinfectant

    Has anyone come across this lot: Looks too good to be true - anyone had any experience with these products
  2. Peter Sigsworth

    How soluble is soluble starch?

    Just coming to the end of my 'soluble starch' which I make up as 2g dissolved in 100ml distilled water heated to produce a clear liquid. I use this in amylase practicals and it gives a clear (in both meanings of the word) complete end result. Made up some 2% starch today using the same recipe...
  3. Peter Sigsworth

    Request to only work when children and staff are not at school

    What's your views on this. I am nearer 70 than 60 male and overweight. The latest guidance from the governement over lockdown 2 states: 'If you are over 60 or clinically vulnerable, you could be at higher risk of severe illness from coronovirus. You: should be especially careful to follow the...
  4. Peter Sigsworth

    LabLogger user group

    The LabLogger user group is now up and running with approaching 30 members already.
  5. Peter Sigsworth

    Mobile demonstration teacher bench - all that use gas cylinders unsafe to use in schools (according to CLEAPSS)

    Do any of you use these? We need to source one for each of our labs because it looks like we are going to have to demonstrate nearly all practicals. Here is an example of what we are looking at made by a reputable company, Irwin: To our shock and dismay CLEAPSS say that 'there are no mobile...
  6. Peter Sigsworth

    LabLogger user group poll

    If enough people vote for it. I'll set up a user group Sorry,@Hannah B - I had to resubmit to correct the typos so you'll have to vote again LabLogger is an online system designed to help science departments to manage their labs, equipment and experiments. It is used by technicians and teachers...
  7. Peter Sigsworth

    LabLogger COVID 19 update

    Great news to all you Lablogger users they have listened to us and within one week have inserted an update which will allow you to put items out of use until they are sanitised On your stock list, you can now define a bespoke unavailability duration time for discrete items (beyond the time when...
  8. Peter Sigsworth

    Pearson changing login pages on 16th May

    I don't know if any of you are involved in Pearson Active Learn - in their infinite wisdom they have picked the best possible time to change all user login pages - With all students currently on lockdown this will cause absolute mayhem. I have contacted them and got this response: "Apologies for...
  9. Peter Sigsworth

    New *** use smart phones, tablets and PCs as data loggers

    New smart phone app from google allows you to use your phone to measure and collect all sorts of data. The app is called 'Science Journal' and is available for android, Apple, and PC free.
  10. Peter Sigsworth

    Bromothymol Blue not working

    I bought some Bromothymol Blue from scichem Isn't it supposed to go yellow in acid conditions? Here is the colour with 10ml of 1M HCl Is it a duff batch?
  11. Peter Sigsworth


    You can now get lysozyme from SLS
  12. Peter Sigsworth

    New bubbling pondweed video and Why does pondweed bubble?

    SAPS have just released a new video for those of you who use pondweed for measuring photosynthesis by counting bubbles. Loads of advice: 1.different species of pondweed 2.types of illumination 3.why pondweed bubbles to name but a few pieces of advice - excellent video
  13. Peter Sigsworth

    Christmas petri dishes

    Could anyone in our ranks repeat the below with standard school equipment (no microbiology safety station available)
  14. Peter Sigsworth

    Substitute for Malt Extract Agar

    We gow yeast lawns on malt extract agar for the edexcel 'clean hands practical' CB5e.1 Malt extract agar is more than three times the price of plain agar. Is there any reason why we couldn't just make up agar plates with ordinary table sugar instead of the malt. Yeast grows quite well in water...
  15. Peter Sigsworth

    Antimicrobial properties of plant extracts

    We seem to struggle to get this to work - basically you mix the dried ground plant material with IDA (3g in 10ml IDA) - for example ground white pepper, ground chili powder, ground cumin etc. Spread a lawn of bacteria on nutrient agar and place discs impregnated with the extract on the lawn...
  16. Peter Sigsworth

    Christmas shopping

    We're allowed a half day off school for Christmas shopping - yes, even with the holidays teachers get already - they are even letting me have one this afternoon - so I've posted this to my illustrious colleagues: All, I'm taking my half day this afternoon stuff already in for today and tomorrow...
  17. Peter Sigsworth

    shell-less egg osmoregulation demo

    Has anyone had a go at this? Basically you immerse a whole uncooked egg in vinegar for 24 hrs, change the vinegar and leave for a further 24 hrs. The egg should have it's shell now removed leaving it in tact inside its membrane. If such an egg is placed in distilled water it will swell up as the...
  18. Peter Sigsworth

    Drawing scientific equipment

    Has anyone had a look at this free site - it's great for drawing simple lab equipment. Works best if loaded with google chrome
  19. Peter Sigsworth

    Loblogger too easy to book equipment

    Had a teacher who took the biscuit yesterday - because it is so easy to book equipment with lablogger (couple of clicks to find the template and it's done) she booked 4 different experiments for one double lesson, most would take a double lesson their own: Magdeburg hemispheres - with the...