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    Chromatography of plant pigments

    Nice plates George, what mobile phase did you use?
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    First Aid Query

    This is a familiar story unfortunately, but we're lucky that we've got someone on site who is trained in mental health support and he's been showing me what to do. The first time I got called out I was completely out of my depth.
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    First Aid Query

    I've been a first ider for a few years too, and the most serious thing I've had to deal with in school has been bumps and cuts! I did help someone by the side of the road wh o looked like they'd been run over and broken their arm!! Have you (or anyone else for that matter) been called out for...
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    Hello out there

    Hi Christine, I'm at Dixons Sixth Form Academy on Manchester Road - still under construction! And thanks for the invite, I may just take you up on that:)
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    Chipped thermometer repair

    Morning all Yesterday I had a thermometer returned with the top end broken away, beyond the 110C mark, and from what I can see none of the red spirit (?) has leaked out so it should still be ok. My question is, can still polish off the sharp edges in a blue bunsen as you would do with, say, a...
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    Hello out there

    Hi from Bradford, I'm a sole technician working in a new sixth form. Been a technician before a while back, but its very different to this!