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    shelf supports for flammables cupboard

    I have an old flammables cupboard where the shelves rest on supports hooked into round holes on the vertical strips. I want some more shelf support angles (previous ones lost at some point) but the ones I have seen are the wrong type. The catalogues don't show the insides so I can't see who I...
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    rescuing wet chlorides

    I have some ancient chlorides which have taken in water and turned mushy, and others that have dried out again into a solid block. As I understand these have merely dissolved, not reacted with the water, so heat drying them out should restore a usable chloride of lithium, magnesium. Am I right...
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    amino acids from powders

    I know this has probably been asked before but I can't find an answer - I have amino acid powders (1g vials from Timstar) - how do I make up solutions for paper chromatography?
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    oxidised phenol

    I have some phenol which has gone a beautiful pink with scarlet highlights. Can it be saved (without anything too drastic like hydrogen gas)? - I would prefer not to have the hassle of disposal even for a small amount, but to be honest I am just curious anyway.
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    long needles to fit syringes

    I am looking for injecting needles that fit on the end of the standard plastic syringes (2/4/10ml). I want some 38mm long to stick through bungs for hydrogen peroxide practicals, and I think I have found these from Beecroft. But I am...
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    conical flask with glass container inside

    just found a box of conical flasks, normal 250ml pyrex with glass columns inside creating a central tube/holder. To keep something separate from the rest of the flask until you want it to react? (but you have dropping funnels). Or temperature control? Never seen them, just interested to know 1...
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    best solvent for paper chromatography of amino-acids

    sorry for posting this when there are already threads on it, but I can't find exactly what I want. BTEC requires paper chromatography with a good separation result. The teachers report they can never get this to work well. (They use it to show how TLC is better, but unfortunately the unit...
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    when did copper sulfate solutions become corrosive?

    Our techroom has both old and new cleapss recipe sheets (don't ask - nothing has ever been thrown away, here) - and I can see that 0.5M copper sulfate seems to have changed from no hazard (harmful at 1M) to corrosive (changing to corrosive and danger at 1M - which seems odd pictogramwise - the...
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    Potassium permanganate AR

    Hi new here A level assessed practical titration of potassium permanganate - there is AR grade in stock and they use that, but I want to buy more and can't see it in any of the catalogues (the only ones that list the grade give LR). Does anyone buy AR, and where from?