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    Logit Live Datalogging Kit

    We're replacing our dataloggers due to system upgrades in school. I'm looking to sell: Interfaces x6 (maybe 1 or 2 more) Current probe x1 Voltage probe x1 Temperature probe x9 Temperature probe (high temp thermocouple) x16 Light gates x4 pairs Light level x12 Movement and position sensor x1 pH...
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    Unilab MFA Counter Modules

    Would anybody be interested in buying some of the Unilab MFA counter modules? Trying to raise some money to replace bits of kit
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    Can anybody identify this?

    Hi everyone This has been bugging me all week. Nobody in our dept knows what this is or what its used for. It was in a cupboard near magnetism stuff but could be for anything really? Can any of you help?
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    Organic Chemicals

    Hi Guys My first post on the forums as I've only been a tech since September. Me and the other tech at our school have inherited an organic chemical store that needs sorting and organising properly so I was just wondering how you organise your organics? At the moment, ours are roughly...