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  1. Kasfarer

    Has anyone used this model of Colorimeter?

    We have these locked away in a cupboard. Apparently the last tech here bought them, used them a few times, and decided the older ones were better. I've never given them a go myself - maybe when I get more time.
  2. Kasfarer

    Pay Scales

    Same here, too. This is my first job in education and when I asked when my salary review was booked in for (the teachers get one every year) I was met with some awkward chuckling :oops:
  3. Kasfarer

    Hay fever

    I started developing hayfever this year. My siblings have it, but I've always been lucky in the past. It took me a full week of an itchy nose and constant sneezing for my sister to intervene and throw some piriteze in my face. It's helped a little, but not completely.
  4. Kasfarer

    Happy Half Term!!

    Going away for the first time in years! Hope you all have a good half-term!
  5. Kasfarer

    What have you done to your Preproom to make your life easier as a technician?

    I might label my tray "Where it Always is" and see if they notice!
  6. Kasfarer

    Trips and visits

    Our students went here this year and they loved it! We also do Chester Zoo, Crosby Beach for AQA Sampling prac, and Alton Towers.
  7. Kasfarer

    Haemocytometer kits

    It's definitely a tube... Oh dear, mouth pipetting sounds like unpleasant business should it go wrong :shocked:
  8. Kasfarer

    Haemocytometer kits

    We've unearthed a full class set of haemocytometer kits from Hawksley and they come with a bit of tubing that I'm unfamiliar with (Biology isn't my original field, but a lot of my Biology staff are confused as well). We're pretty sure it's supposed to go on the end of the pipette, like so? Is it...
  9. Kasfarer

    What have you done to your Preproom to make your life easier as a technician?

    We have one of these for stationary and office kit that's right in front of the door as you walk in. I put it there two years ago and they still walk straight past it to ask me where they can find a stapler or some such :laughing:
  10. Kasfarer

    On AI

    I find this to be quite an interesting discussion, as I know the AI debate is quite prevalent in some sectors at present (namely artistic ones, as there seems to be a row over companies using AI generated art as opposed to paying human artists). It's also what I studied for my MA so I'm geeking...
  11. Kasfarer

    Ladies Trousers.

    Oh, I hate getting excited about all the pockets on something and then finding out their fake when I get home! It happened once when I saw some buttoned "pockets" on a dress but it was just a design - not even a pocket to unpick! :( Edit: Thanks for all the suggestions on here - I shall be...
  12. Kasfarer

    Low workload?

    Seems like a very good revision tool. Thanks for sharing the idea!
  13. Kasfarer

    Exam access arrangements in your school

    I made a thread on this a while back as the Exams department were talking about making me a permanent scribe for two students in Science (all assessments, exams, mocks, ect.). Luckily my HOD put a stop to it after I pointed out it wasn't in my job description and I would never consider asking...
  14. Kasfarer

    It could only happen to us....

    Same here. When I propose doing it later in the year they just exclaim 'But the scheme of work!'
  15. Kasfarer

    Benedict's qualitative full colour range

    We did a similar thing with the algal balls indicators on open evening. The Chem tech and I had fun trying to find out which dyes and stains would make our water best match the print out :D
  16. Kasfarer

    Reusable Aprons

    Just an update - I mentioned the reactions from this thread to my HOD (one of my biologists). She said that the techs before me always used aprons as well... We're not sure where it started, but we're stopping the 'It's just always been like that' tradition and getting rid of them in Biology...
  17. Kasfarer

    Reusable Aprons

    Thanks for the comment! I'll bring this up when I speak to the teaching staff.
  18. Kasfarer

    Reusable Aprons

    This was proposed to SLT with regards to labcoats, but as we're in a deprived area they said it wasn't feasible.
  19. Kasfarer

    Reusable Aprons

    I'm not sure. This is my first school/tech job and they were using aprons for every Biology and Chemistry practical when I arrived in 2021, so I didn't think to question it. I've asked our Chemistry tech and she says that's the way she's always done it - labcoats for every prac, presumably, and...
  20. Kasfarer

    Reusable Aprons

    Hi all! Just wondering if anyone here has reusable aprons for their pracs, and what your thoughts are on them? Currently we use disposable aprons (except for the use of Bunsen burners, ect.) but with hundreds of students on each course we're spending a lot of money and creating a lot of waste...