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  1. Physbang

    What is this socket for.....

    I've used plugs and sockets for things that weren't mains to stop the wrong things getting plugged in. Maybe it is for a low voltage supply that was hard wired in. Check with Admin, maybe they know.
  2. Physbang

    Hazard signs on preproom doors

    We were advised not to put a radioactivity sign on the door as it was an open invitation to come and get it.
  3. Physbang

    Hazard signs on preproom doors

    I have this on my desk. It hasn't worked though.
  4. Physbang

    Just, no...

    Put a laminated notice behind each one saying "Important safety notice missing, please replace immediately!"
  5. Physbang

    Do you have one?

    Many years ago............. my head of department came to see me in the morning and said " someone is coming in this morning to look at the old telescope observatory the school is getting rid of. I'm busy all morning so you will have to show them around." Oh lovely I thought, dropped in it at...
  6. Physbang

    Your thoughts are appreciated

    I agree totally with Emil. Tell them you will stand in until they get it sorted but only for double pay.
  7. Physbang

    gas laws circus

    Not sure what the balloons and scales are. Yes, if more air is added to a balloon its mass increases, but its weight remains the same due to the change in upthrust caused by the increase in air displaced. I haven't come across the green liquid in hot water though. Maybe it's just the washing up...
  8. Physbang

    gas laws circus

    Just set these up for you, hope they help. Put a safety screen in front of the bell jar and give the teacher safety spec's.
  9. Physbang

    Funny/local sayings

    "2 more brain cells and they could be a daffodil."
  10. Physbang

    Stackable leads storage

    Sets of eight leads in wood section clipped to wood strip attached to wall. Leads in 4.5mm holes drilled in square of worktop left over when new Lab built.
  11. Physbang

    Back to square one

    You can train to be a real God? I'm jealous I'm only a demi-God.......My mother was from Yorkshire but my Father was a mortal.
  12. Physbang

    How do you organise your millions of spare parts?

    Everything in its place, and everything else on top!
  13. Physbang

    Funny/local sayings

    Tha couldn't hit a barn door if tha was sat on't sneck. Such a poor shot you couldn't hit a barn door if you were sat on the door latch. Couldn't stop a pig in a poke. Some-one so bow legged they couldn't stop a pig in a narrow alley. One I use regularly........An extra cog in a well oiled...
  14. Physbang

    Component Holders

    I use square plastic electrical conduit for building many things, including component holders. I scrounge it off the electrician.
  15. Physbang

    Low workload?

    I was full time, but was made term time only. The holidays are lovely but the 25% paycut isn't.
  16. Physbang

    Component Holders

    No reason at all. Remember to cut them to size so they fill a Gratnells tray, so it is easier to check they are all returned.
  17. Physbang

    Repairing Plotting compass

    Bin them. Apart from re setting the polarity by bringing a strong magnet up to one pole then dragging it across to the other, it's not possible to fix.
  18. Physbang

    Low workload?

    As everyone is saying, this is an unusually quiet period of the school year. In my experience as a senior technician for 37 years, I would say " be very careful what you pick up, as you will not be able to put it down." If you start taking on other duties and responsibilities from others, you...
  19. Physbang

    Low workload?

    This, due to school exams, is an unusually quiet time of the school year. Trust me, it won't last. Spend this time exploring every drawer and cupboard, and try to memorise where everything lives so when it is busy you can go straight to it. Familiarise yourself with all the equipment, how to set...
  20. Physbang

    Leaving speech

    Docendo discimus - "Through teaching we learn" and I taught the teachers!