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  1. Stokes1

    Happy Half Term!!

    Got a family wedding this weekend in the Cotswolds. Making a long weekend of it, then "pottering" at home, with some days out if the weather holds towards the end of the week :)
  2. Stokes1

    Places to visit

    Puy du Fou is excellent - a really great day out. And it's DEFINITELY worth booking for the evening show which takes place around a lake - simply spectacular.
  3. Stokes1

    Trips and visits

    The Eden Project in Cornwall....if it's not too far ;)
  4. Stokes1

    Your thoughts are appreciated

    welcome back Emil Tac! Like the new look :laughing:
  5. Stokes1

    Funny/local sayings

    Just remembered another one.... "Are you nesh?"......meaning "do you feel the cold?" :laughing:
  6. Stokes1

    Funny/local sayings

    I grew up in North Staffordshire. "All right Duck?" was a common greeting. If we caught my Dad snoozing, he would say he was "resting his eyes" At bed time, we would be sent "up the wooden hill" ( = upstairs!)
  7. Stokes1

    H&S GUIDANCE Note HSG258 section 9.

    Never been asked for a manual for ours!
  8. Stokes1

    Which amylase works best with starch?

    We've been getting good results with this one. Note: it's no good if you're looking at temperature, as it doesn't denature at high temps! Works great for the enzyme/pH required practical though :)
  9. Stokes1

    Benedict's qualitative full colour range

    I did this last week! Took a lot of tweaking, but got a nice result in the end. The blue is no glucose (just distilled water), the "green" is 0.01M, orange is 0.05M and brick red is 0.1M. The only way I could get yellow was to boil up a few chunks of potato and use the water!!! (I found that tip...
  10. Stokes1

    Just wanted to ask you guys what you'd do

    My contract is term time plus INSET days plus 5 other days. I usually do the extra days in the summer, but am going to do one of them next week during the Easter holidays for this very reason! We've been so manically busy his term, my Prep room is a tip and I still have boxes of items delivered...
  11. Stokes1

    Best yeast/sugar/balloon recipes please

    10% yeast and a spatula or two of glucose. Make the yeast at least an hour before the lesson to give it chance to rehydrate properly. I keep it in a nice warm spot (on the bench above the radiator!) before giving it out. Use small conicals (no bigger than 100ml), or boiling tubes are fine too.
  12. Stokes1

    Out of work hobbies

    I read every day, am a member of our local Rock Choir and am learning to use our DSLR camera properly! I've done lots of cross stitch in the past, but am finding such close work rather challenging these days (it's an age thing!). We also like to get out and walk on Dartmoor or the SW Coast Path...
  13. Stokes1

    Photosynthesis RP - bubbles are released very slowly

    I always make up 1% (just did some this morning!!!). It's a notoriously fickle practical. Sometimes they get great results, even in January......then in the height of summer it can crash totally!
  14. Stokes1

    Universal Indicator solution

    Good advice - thanks :):thumbsup:
  15. Stokes1

    Universal Indicator solution

    Has anyone ordered the full range UI from Breckland recently? I've just gone to order some, and noticed that on the website it says that it's yellow at pH7. Is this tweakable or would it be better to order from elsewhere? Thanks
  16. Stokes1

    Inset days

    My contract states 40 weeks - so I do 38 weeks of term, 5 INSET days plus 5 other days.
  17. Stokes1

    Safety Specs

    Is anyone else still having issues with safety specs going walkabout? I have just replaced 24 pairs across 2 labs - that's £33.60 worth of equipment vanished into thin air :( *Sigh*
  18. Stokes1

    Slight annex to WBD thread

    LOL If you want something grittier, then I would recommend the DCI Ryan books by LJ Ross. I'm reading through the series and have just started book 7, having had a break to read the Richard Osman books!!!!!
  19. Stokes1

    Slight annex to WBD thread

    Nothing intellectual or heavy for me right now!! I've nearly finished Richard Osman's "The man who died twice"....having already read "The Thursday Murder Club". They were Christmas presents - very easy, end-of-the-day reading. Osman captures the pensioner age characters beautifully :D
  20. Stokes1

    CLOSED - Chemistry Technician (Maternity cover). Closing date 8th March. Plymstock, Devon

    We are advertising for a Chemistry technician to cover maternity leave. The advert says from May, but there's a possibility it could be an earlier start. We are a team of 3 technicians - one for each specialism, although we all cover all 3 sciences at KS3. We each have our own prep room, and the...