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  1. Emma

    Flowcharts are fun!

    Dep. head who always steals his own kit instead of submitting requests like everyone else particularly annoyed me today by half-inching a Forbidden Balloon. I have now replaced the bag of balloons in the storage cupboard with the following message; FLOWCHART! Is filling a delicate plastic...
  2. Emma

    New friend has arrived!

    Just took delivery of my new prep-room buddy! Meet Vanya the wandering violin mantis. :D Lovely looking species (and one of the harder ones to keep in captivity). Unusually for a mantis you can keep them communally, so if I find this species as fun as I think I will I might move on to a group...
  3. Emma

    Symbiosis in the lab!

    Today there is a large spider web across my lab window, courtesy of an adult female Steatoda nobilis. Considering all the wasp problems I (someone who is deeply phobic of said flying insects) have had since we've had to keep all our windows open for COVID, this pleases me more than a little...
  4. Emma


    Anyone else feeling the chill today? I foolishly did not dress for cold-weather cycling this morning (still recovering two hours later!) and it doesn't help that all our windows are open because of COVID.
  5. Emma

    New desk mascot

    Just took delivery of this little guy!
  6. Emma

    Dear New IT Guy; I'm sorry.

    Obligatory periodic password changes need to die out. Now. Especially in schools. If the most likely security risk is "Pupil accesses confidential data/messes with teach's computer as a prank", the Official Certified WORST IDEA IN THE WORLD is to implement a system that encourages teachers (who...
  7. Emma

    Otocinclus catfish

    Installed this helpful little minion in the tropical tank in lab 3 at the start of the hols because the algae had started going wild, came back to a perfectly clean aquarium; no elbow grease required. <3 New favourite fish. :D