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    This is probably best as a new thread on this forum. But sure, here's how to do cyanotyping.
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    Education in Chemistry

    One person at each Teach Chemistry school agrees to be the lead contact. They act as a link between the RSC and the school, encouraging their colleagues to take full advantage of what it offers.
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    Education in Chemistry

    Here is more information about RSC professional membership, including eligibility criteria. Note that this is unrelated to Teach Chemistry membership.
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    Education in Chemistry

    Teach Chemistry provides support including events, resources and discounts for teachers and technicians in secondary schools, colleges and teacher training institutions in the UK and Ireland. It is free to join.
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    Education in Chemistry

    This is likely to be Chemistry World. This is our magazine for professional members. The lead contact at each Teach Chemistry school can claim free professional membership of the RSC (if they meet the eligibility criteria).
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    Education in Chemistry

    Anyone can sign up for our free email alerts. You can select a monthly or 'per issue' newsletter for Education in Chemistry (or both!)
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    Education in Chemistry

    There is a print version, free to all Teach Chemistry members. Teach Chemistry is free, open to all who work in secondary school science in the UK and Ireland. There is also our online magazine. This contains all the articles that are in print, and many more besides.
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    Recognising technicians’ crucial role in science education

    This issue's editorial in Education in Chemistry looks at the support the Royal Society of Chemistry offers for school science technicians. It also asks is EiC doing enough for school science technicians? We'd love to know your thoughts. Do share them using either the comments function on the...
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    British Science Week

    Welcome to the community, mysterious colleague :)
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    Petri dish pronunciation

    Oh no, our house style, following IUPAC, is definitely sulfur. There is old content around our various websites that has yet to be updated. The particular link you shared is on the list as part of our wider ongoing content improvement work, due to be looked at in the next few weeks. But I've...
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    Petri dish pronunciation

    Yes, we use 'sulfur' as this is what was agreed by IUPAC (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemists). The change was apparently originally proposed in 1992.
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    Exo endo

    I think you're talking about Education in Chemistry. Yes, we send that free to members of Teach Chemistry who opt in to it. Teach Chemistry is open to anyone who works in science in a secondary school in the UK or Ireland. To receive the magazine, go to the Teach Chemistry homepage, sign in, and...
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    Exo endo

    Yes indeed. If what you're seeing looks like this, then you need to register (it's free and fast).
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    Exo endo

    Are you talking about this link? If so, can you share a screenshot of what you see?
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    Olympiad preparation ?

    We've put together some resources that will help: How to prepare for the chemistry Olympiad. They include introductory questions with explainers, worked answers, primers on unfamiliar topics, as well as past papers with mark schemes and commentary.
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    Positive male chemists/scientists for display board idea.....

    There are some great examples on our chemistry careers job profiles page.
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    How whiteboard markers work, and how to remove permanent marks

    I thought some here would find this article on the chemistry of whiteboard makers interesting, with a useful note on how to remove permanent marks:
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    Regretting the choice in colour

    Gorgeous pin, but it looks like they've ripped off the design from Jamie Gallagher. He sells this pin, and many other scientific pins, to raise money for charity:
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    Festive chemistry

    If teachers are asking you for activities, demonstrations and ideas for Christmas, then we've just launched a new page with some suggestions: