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  1. Dave T

    liquid nitrogen for Food Tech

    There's info here: - includes a section on ice cream making.... basically impossible for most schools to do (the need for Dewar flask and stand, transport issues, etc....!)
  2. Dave T

    Well, who would have thought?

    Hello, and welcome....! :) :welcome:
  3. Dave T

    Millikan Oil Drop Apparatus

    Our set used to get used every year without fail by our then (very experienced) head of physics - a bit hit and miss with results as it's a total faff to do, but sometimes did what it was supposed to....! :laughing: Been sat in the cupboard gathering dust since he left over a decade ago.... :(
  4. Dave T

    Interview Questions, what would you ask?

    A serious reply now :laughing: These are the questions I used when we were appointing a new Head of Science here about 6 years ago - I was sat alongside the Deputy Head at the time so technically it was them asking the questions (as it was deemed inappropriate for me to directly question my...
  5. Dave T


    Only 5 kids in across school apparently, plus a few 6th form who have mock exams. Only 3 science teachers in (plus the 3 SLT ones) out of 24, but the car park is pretty full (well, it was first thing, but people seem to have been gradually sloping off during the day so half-empty now...
  6. Dave T

    Eating and Drinking in a Laboratory

    And HoD having a pizza party with the entire A-level cohort (Y12 and Y13) - the cleaners weren't happy about having to take all the empty Domino's boxes to the bin either.... :rolleyes:
  7. Dave T

    Photoelectric effect

    Have you got the right wavelength of UV lamp? It needs to be UV-C (around 254nm) rather than UV-A. Are you charging the electroscope with the correct charge? Some combinations of static rod and cloth will give a positive charge, and some a negative charge..... :)
  8. Dave T

    Sodium Hydroxide from YPO different chemical formula

    Abbreviation being such a long word....? :laughing:
  9. Dave T

    Deeply Confused

    There's a (slightly) less "strict" way of doing it.... My old HoD was a swine for it.... so when he put "CuO and C" on his requests, that was exactly what he got - a pot of CuO and a pot of C, and nothing else....:vampire: I had the rest of the stuff ready to go 'cos I knew what it was he...
  10. Dave T

    Testing Urine for Sugar and Proteins

    Might make it smell like the "donor" has a slight yeast infection too.... :laughing:
  11. Dave T

    Testing Urine for Sugar and Proteins

    Just make sure you deliver them warm..... a little below body temperature.... "Here are your urine samples - they're nice and fresh....!"
  12. Dave T

    Industrial Action Complications for Techs

    It was announced we'd be closed for the day before the deadline too.... didn't stop the muppets requesting stuff though... :laughing: :rolleyes: I do sometimes (genuinely!) wonder whether some of them can actually read.....!
  13. Dave T

    Industrial Action Complications for Techs

    Only one (so far).... :laughing:
  14. Dave T

    Kidney dissection

    Pig are bigger and "softer/more flexible", but (in my experience) smellier.... lamb smaller, "firmer" but (to me) have virtually no smell *..... As @Snailo says, less religious concerns with lamb too..... *My wife disagrees and says they smell too, but I don't notice it.... :laughing:
  15. Dave T

    Algal/Yeast/Enzymes in balls

    You can re-use them... :) Also, if packed into a column then immobilised enzyme balls can act on a "continuous flow" of the thing you want to break down..... :)
  16. Dave T

    Gas pressure

    Same here - most labs are ok but a couple are at the end of a long run of pipe, so when gas taps are left open/opened by pupils fiddling, the gas slowly leaches out and it takes a while for the gas to refill the pipes before it reaches the gas taps.... Staff here are just too impatient - I used...
  17. Dave T

    GCSE Required practical Microbiology

    What exactly are you doing? Yeast can substitute in some cases..... :)
  18. Dave T

    GCSE Required practical Microbiology

    Yeast? Have a look at this: depends what you're doing though.... antibiotic susceptibility won't work with yeast, but antimicrobials will..... :)