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  1. Tarbal

    England Trip

    Well, I had an eventful trip. I caught covid in Switzerland and couldn't continue my Europe tour. So I was stranded there for a few days. Then I had my phone stolen in Zurich at the train station. My phone had everything on it: tickets, passes details of all my accommodation bookings, flight...
  2. Tarbal

    STUDENT YR 10 "Can I have a hot glue gun?"

    I had some of the cupboards glued shut!
  3. Tarbal

    Hiding money

    When my dad was getting on mum thought she would wrap 100 1$ coins in cellophane. She then put them in a Quality Street tin. Great idea but dad didn't open the tin until about May (he was quite upset that they weren't chocolate)!
  4. Tarbal

    Why are they teasing me with snow !!

    See this is because I asked you to turn on the snow gods for me and someone said it doesn't snow in England anymore. I hope you have snow anywhere, anytime from December 23rd until Jan 22nd. Do it for this Aussie! I am coming from daily maximum temperatures of 40C. I need snow!
  5. Tarbal

    Anyone else a Hotel Chocolat fan?

    I am looking forward to my first ever Hotel Chocolat experience
  6. Tarbal

    Dropping like flies...

    No herein lies a small problem. I am vaccinated and have had the flu vaccine but due to completely opposing seasons I had my flu vax at the start of our winter in April. Hopefully that still covers me but I am seeing a GP next week so will check with him.
  7. Tarbal

    wow that was a cold one

    Well! Looks like I best be prepared for this. In comparison the last 3 days have been 43, 42,and 42C. Yesterday I packed my suitcase figuring I am not going to need any of my winter clothes here. Last night I went to Carols by Candlelight which is very much an Aussie thing. Half way through...
  8. Tarbal

    Cleaning water still

    I've done mine with just double strength vinegar (available at the supermarket). I did soak it for about 4 hours but it worked really well.
  9. Tarbal

    end of term

    Kids finished today staff finish next Friday after mass and lunch! Then I only have a couple of days until I leave for England!
  10. Tarbal

    Regretting the choice in colour

    My lab coat is bright orange.
  11. Tarbal

    Dropping like flies...

    Is it still safe for me to travel to England? I'm coming anyway!
  12. Tarbal


    We have a whole merchandiser doing CU in the NT stuff. NT = Northern Territory (where I live). Their stickers and t shirts read CU(in the)NT. Clever but definitely not for me!
  13. Tarbal

    Strange conversations we have had

    I can't begin to imagine how you would use a whole roll in one sitting unless you'd had a dodgy curry!
  14. Tarbal

    Train strikes

    this conversation has taken a turn but it reminds of the time when in the height of Covid my husband and I drove 1500km to see a doctor then turned around and drove home again. 3 days 3000 km.
  15. Tarbal

    Train strikes

    3 cars at the traffic lights is a traffic jam! And heaven help us if we have to sit through two changes of traffic lights. I live about 6 km from the CBD and it takes me 10 minutes to drive to work which is on the other side of the CBD.
  16. Tarbal

    Train strikes

    Are these to be treated seriously? I ask because I'm an Aussie visiting England in December / January. Do they apply to all train lines? What alternatives are available if your train is cancelled because of strike action? Already I have heard of a proposed strike (via this forum) on Jan 6th /...
  17. Tarbal

    2.5L Volumetric flask

    My shoulders hurt at the thought of holding a 2.5l one to pour!
  18. Tarbal


    I actually like doing the shopping - I go during the day and feel like I've been freed! I also do the shopping for food tech.
  19. Tarbal

    oh, my....

    One of the things I found really scary was a group of year10's who had never heard of the World Trade Centre or the twin towers. Now that made me feel old because to me it is a recent event and to them it's before their time.