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    #TECHOGNITION competition.

    We will be sending out an email to everyone on our #TECHOGNITION mailing list near the end of Feb with more information about how to request a pack. So if you aren't all already on the mailing list, join here:
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    #TECHOGNITION competition.

    Click on my username and then the "start conversation" button.
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    Technician Group for East Anglia

    Do you mean setting up a Group on here? or in real life? If here, are you getting an error message when clicking this link?> If so please let me know either by direct message or email:
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    Methane Bubbles

    No sharing of CLEAPSS documents here! It's in our T&Cs that everyone agreed with when joining this forum.
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    OCR exam board PAG 7.3 identifying unknowns

    @Alman I know that link was to a 3rd party site which was hosting the document but we can't allow sharing of anything from exam boards here or they threaten legal action. If people want to google it, they can find it themselves but we can't have it appear on this site. Sorry.
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    DNA Ethics!

    @TechOnTheSpec I have deleted the file you uploaded as we do not allow any CLEAPSS documents posted here as only members of CLEAPSS have access to these and they pay for the privilege.
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    #TECHOGNITION competition.

    @saba This is also a winner. Sorry we forgot to add it to the winners post. Please message us your name and address and we'll get a pack sent out to you very soon.
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    #TECHOGNITION competition.

    The competition has closed - see our post above. A little teaser of a few of the designs...
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    Science Club Resources

    We do have an extensive directory of links here: Also if you search "science club" *search titles only* there are hundreds of posts and links on the subject. If we pin a thread then people just start another one and it also clogs up the top of the...
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    Hummingbird Clock

    I can see this being the major plot of a future murder mystery! Fascinating.
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    #TECHOGNITION competition.

    We have some winners!! We have amended some slightly - Star Teching @Alice and @AllantheTech will be shortened to Star Tech as it will fit better and The Technician Factor @Alex C will be shortened to The Tech Factor. As soon as the sticker packs are printed we'll send one each to the winners...
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    #TECHOGNITION competition.

    Also don't forget that these stickers are also being sent out to IT techs, D&T techs, Food techs, Art techs and others so not just science techs. And the phrase doesn't necessarily need to include the word 'technician'. Anything related to the work of technicians, their lack of recognition, or...
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    enzymes required practical AQA

    Can we keep posts on topic please? If people want to branch off and start a new thread please do so as this seems to have gone in two directions which can lead to confusion.
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    #TECHOGNITION competition.

    You'll find that out when we don't use them! :cool:
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    #TECHOGNITION competition.

    Keep them coming folks.. some good ones here and some *ahem* not so good ones! ;) We will reveal winners in January!
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    #TECHOGNITION competition.

    Our next #TECHOGNITION event on the 10th March 2023 aims to be bigger and better than ever, with huge prizes and giveaways available for many of those taking part. We will be posting out hundreds of posters and sticker packs before the event but we need your help in designing some slogans for...
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    Better Equipped

    Before any replies, can I remind all members of the rules you all agreed to when joining this forum. ( A negative personal experience with any supply company is a matter best remedied by contacting the supplier directly. Usually issues are...
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    Investigating non-contact forces Activate 2.3.1

    @kalps Please do not attach documents that require a paid membership to access.