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    Wanted - colourimeter

    Anyone got a working one they dont need?
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    equipment ID please

    Found this unusual burette type thing amidst a pile of broken burettes (why?) and cant work out what it would be for. It seems like it could be for mixing but I cant work out why you'd want to. Any thoughts? Tia
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    Transition metals test?

    Hi all, would anybody happen to have a simple practical for testing transition metals with hydroxide (i.e. precipitates) that they wouldnt mind sharing with me please?
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    visible ligand exchange not working

    Hi peoples, Chem teacher has asked for a demo of the ligand exchange between conc HCl and CuSO4 aq but im not getting any hint of green. Ive tried 0.1 and 0.5M solutions of the copper sulphate. Any thoughts what Im doing wrong? Its probably something very obvious knowing me. Ta.
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    Alternatives to bacteria incubator

    Our department doesnt have the budget for a proper incubator, and to be fair we would probably only use it a couple of times a year. Has anybody made their own incubator or have suggestions of what to use instead. I was thinking a sealed box and heat mat?
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    Burning foods practical - foods?

    I was asked to do a demo during lockdown for which I used various nuts, crisps etc but obviously cant use nuts for a class practical. I was given the objective for one of each food high in carbohydrate, fat, protein, fibre, but the teacher didnt have any specific suggestions. I tried chorizo...
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    Advice needed -Planning a sequence of tests for organic compounds

    Hi all, I dont have the technician notes for the Planning a sequence of tests to identify organic compounds and I would be really grateful if anyone has this to share please. Ive got the list of chemicals and apparatus needed but not the volumes required WJEC
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    Advice on blinds please

    Our Chemistry room has never had blinds even though all the other rooms do, the reason being was risk of fire with bunsens. Ive only been here 6 months but notice that the whiteboard/ projector is not visible on anything other than a dull day. Are there any specific blinds that are recommended...
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    storing bacteria?

    Im wondering if anyone knows how long bacillus can be kept in a nutrient broth in the fridge as opposed to in an agar slope?
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    How do you store your safety specs?

    In most of the classrooms we have hanging thingies behind the door with pouches for the specs to go in. And in another classroom they were all jumbled in a box. Needless to say the cheap plastics get badly scratched and Im in the process of replacing them. Anybody know what the hanging storage...
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    Uses for chlorophyll in ethanol?

    Ive found a few bottles of chlorophyll in ethanol from previous leaf tests, and ive added some of my own now from todays practical. Any useful ideas of what to do with it? I was thinking maybe dyeing wool? Cant think of any useful science uses for it.
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    Determination of the order of a reaction

    Just had a look at the link from experiments on film (wales) for the order of reaction practical, seems similar to the Iodine clock one. Ive tried it using the items listed but as soon as I add H2SO4 1.0M it starts to turn brown without getting to adding peroxide. All the chemicals are freshly...
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    Competition reactions advice please

    I have been asked to check what the best container is for heating compounds for competing reactions is (e.g Al2O3 and Mg). The teacher said they previously used metal jar lids but was thinking there must be a more standard way. I suggested a crucible but they thought this may take too long to...
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    Anybody done the Safe Practical Microbiology course?

    Just looking for feedback about this cleapps course please
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    Slack Burette clamps

    I know its fairly basic but it may be useful to someone. Ive found some of my burette clamps wont hold, probably because theyre ancient but a little workaround is to wrap a few turns of 12mm electrical tape. Im sure its available in white too but I had some yellow in the drawer
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    Identifying glass tubes

    So Ive got a drawer of mixed tubes, some are lipped others straight, some marked pyrex others not. Is there any way of identifying what is borosilicate and what might not be? Obviously dont want to give out the wrong types of tubes for heating. thanks
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    Squidgy bottle lids

    Is it possible to get replacement flip spout lids for the squidgy type dispensing bottles? Ive found weve got quite a few without and its a shame to throw away good bottles
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    disinfecting / quarantining dissection kit

    How are people dealing with used dissection forceps/scissors/scalpels after practical work such as kidney dissection? Ive got a rough idea but am keen to know what others are up to?
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    Simple acid/metal experiment question

    General sci teacher asked me to make up some solutions to react with copper oxide powder to measure heat output. Just says dilute acids so I've made up 0.5M H2SO4 and 0.5M HCl. Will this be enough or too dilute? Also is it usually Copper II oxide or Copper I oxide that's used or does it not...
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    Sodium chloride

    Is shop bought salt pure enough to make NaCl solutions?