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    Science Technicians Pay Scales, Grades, Spinal Points

    how does one become a senior lab tech?
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    pH rainbow

    I use pH buffer solutions
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    shame about the insects, would be more interesting to see with microbes only
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    Wanted - colourimeter

    if youd be willing to post I can pay the postage? One or two would be fine depending on size/weight, most things can go RM 2nd class for about £3.35
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    Wanted - colourimeter

    Anyone got a working one they dont need?
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    Buchner funnels

    We could do with those please, Im in North Wales
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    Experiment with food in Physics

    whats this one?
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    equipment ID please

    most interesting thanks
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    equipment ID please

    Found this unusual burette type thing amidst a pile of broken burettes (why?) and cant work out what it would be for. It seems like it could be for mixing but I cant work out why you'd want to. Any thoughts? Tia
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    Algal balls

    those are some excellent balls, mine are much darker, dont know if thats a good thing or not
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    Transition metals test?

    id skipped that one as id only seen the ammonia test, nice one thanks!
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    Transition metals test?

    Hi all, would anybody happen to have a simple practical for testing transition metals with hydroxide (i.e. precipitates) that they wouldnt mind sharing with me please?
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    visible ligand exchange not working

    mystery solved - after checking all the HCl stock it turns out that 3 out of the 4 bottles are not viable, not sure if the previous tech diluted them and not labelled or what, never mind, im glad it wasnt me anyway
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    visible ligand exchange not working

    thanks, ive just done that whilst waiting, made 2M and made no difference how much HCl I added, all the reagents are fairly new too.
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    Laboratories used as Form rooms

    The cleapss guidance says must not be used even for registration by non science teachers. This is something that's happening this term in our school, the 6th form are being registered in the science classroom which seems to have been OK'd by the senior management of which one is an A level...
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    visible ligand exchange not working

    Hi peoples, Chem teacher has asked for a demo of the ligand exchange between conc HCl and CuSO4 aq but im not getting any hint of green. Ive tried 0.1 and 0.5M solutions of the copper sulphate. Any thoughts what Im doing wrong? Its probably something very obvious knowing me. Ta.
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    Alternatives to bacteria incubator

    Our department doesnt have the budget for a proper incubator, and to be fair we would probably only use it a couple of times a year. Has anybody made their own incubator or have suggestions of what to use instead. I was thinking a sealed box and heat mat?
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    Groundhog Covid

    yep bored, been helping admin staff with clearing an office. yawn
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    Burning foods practical - foods?

    I think I was being too purist then, reason I didnt go for those youve suggested is because theyre nearly all carbohydrate
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    Burning foods practical - foods?

    I was asked to do a demo during lockdown for which I used various nuts, crisps etc but obviously cant use nuts for a class practical. I was given the objective for one of each food high in carbohydrate, fat, protein, fibre, but the teacher didnt have any specific suggestions. I tried chorizo...