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  1. Dod

    Anybody do the maths

    A school, 400 pupils, risk assessment says to wipe desk and seat on entry to class, wipe seat and desk before leaving = 800 wipes Periods in a day = 7 Skooldays in a week = 5 Now by my 53 year old failed 'O' grade exam 400 x 7 = twa thoosan echt hunner...
  2. Dod

    Supplier competition

    I may be rong but I think I see a theme of offers developing, attached by a thread (or two) :)
  3. Dod

    Splashing it about

    Quote, a good one, " " Also it's not staff splashing it about that's the problem - I always make sure bottles go out almost empty because pupils don't seem to know difference between "a few drops" and "a good splash" """ got me remembering. In a previous existence we used smaller bottles...
  4. Dod

    Social Skills

    The smelly thread has me wondering, why are so many teachers so lacking in social skills. Could it be that a teacher mostly go to school, go to university, become a teacher then meet other teachers, some even get married to, get a teacher partner, shack up with a.n.other teacher, whatever and...
  5. Dod

    Deflagration spoons

    We have inherited around 80 blackened and encrusted deflagration spoons. Most of them are filled with whatever stuff they were last used with burnt corks and the covers blackened with soot and encrusted stains. Covers are a mixture of aluminium, stainless steel and what looks like a brassy...
  6. Dod

    Think its Chemistry

    Just been asked for a Hoffman Voltmeter. Question what do I do with it when I/if I find one Thanks in anticipation. (a place well known for disappointing people)
  7. Dod

    Quiet day

    Quiet on here today s'pose it is a Bank Holiday for some.
  8. Dod

    Education Cuts

    Anybody have examples of how things are affecting you. We have had to downsize woodworking projects.
  9. Dod

    Hello from a new Science Technician

    Hello, Dod here. Must read all the posts on this very informative Forum cos our Science Tech is to be moved to another place as the politicians say leaving us I.T. and techy Techs to take up the slack
  10. Dod

    Money to burn Any body reckon this works with the new fangled plastic money?
  11. Dod

    What I did in the holidays

    Stripped down 20 computers for moving Moved 30 computers, monitors and peripherals from 1 room to another. Cleaned said 30 monitors, 30 mice and 30 keyboards. Set up 30 computers, monitors and peripherals and connect to network. Unboxed and set up 30 new computers, cleaned monitors and...
  12. Dod

    Paper Clips

    Sideways thinking from cocktail sticks, how many other uses are there for paper clips apart from holding sheets of paper. 1. picking stuff from gas taps.
  13. Dod

    What made you smile today

    I smiled today when told by a pupil that the glass in her safety specs was missing, told her I had cleaned them and she said "oh I didn't see the glass so I thought it was gone"
  14. Dod

    Hullooo from North Scotland

    Just signed up today. Past CV started as a physics technician, also helping make up and deliver chemistry and biology kits twice a week then reformed into redundancy. Got back into education as a tech dept technician and "whole school" technician so full of half knowledge and 40 years as service...