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  1. Skeoch05

    Space window

    Giant poster of constellations / galaxies?
  2. Skeoch05

    Spot the safety Hazard

    There's quite a few if you search on google images. There's a common one from TES on there
  3. Skeoch05

    Training targets for newly joined chemistry technician

    Helen at the STEM learning centre has put together a STEM technicians career pathway, that might be of interest.
  4. Skeoch05


    I've been putting HCl in them to clean them, but I think someone mentioned something about dodgy gases coming off.
  5. Skeoch05

    Rejoining thermometer threads

    I wrap some string around the thermometer and swing it around, this tends to fix it, as long as the thermometers doesn't come flying out.
  6. Skeoch05

    North East Science Technicians

    Bolams in Sedgefield (01740 621122) let you have them for free. The also do Ox heart and some lungs as well as probably most other things.
  7. Skeoch05

    Viewing magnesium through a welding filter

    CLEAPSS advise against looking in-directly at it
  8. Skeoch05


    Luckily we didn't have any science ECTs when I started, just 13 teachers and 10 labs / classrooms. Hope you get some help soon.
  9. Skeoch05


    If they ignore H&S then refuse to let them do practicals. I have weekly sessions where I demo upcoming practicals / new practicals for the teachers and ECTs. I also generally let ECTs / trainee teachers have more leeway in handing in late requests if possible. Quite often I'll discuss the...
  10. Skeoch05


    SLS sell foldable ones, you could use string to make the mesh?
  11. Skeoch05

    Bubbles in Thermometers

    I just wrap some string around the thermometer and swing it around a bit.
  12. Skeoch05

    Potassium permanganate and glycerol not catching fire

    Last time I used 2 spatulas of Pot Mang and 6 drops of glycerol
  13. Skeoch05

    Anyone know who sells these bottles?

    I think breckland / SLS / philip harris do them as well.
  14. Skeoch05

    LED Raybox

    Like Paul said the battery packs are the main problem. I've scrapped the battery packs and just use leads instead.
  15. Skeoch05

    Stop Clocks

    Maybe for cookery? or just to annoy us ...
  16. Skeoch05

    universal indicator
  17. Skeoch05

    universal indicator

    I think I get mine from Philip Harris (it's been a while since I ordered any). SLS might sell it as well. You need the full range as they also sell a shorter range UI where it's yellow at pH 7.
  18. Skeoch05

    Stop Clocks

    The lack of alarms was the main reason I bought lots of them :)
  19. Skeoch05

    Stop Clocks

    I've got lots of them, they're nice and cheap (I still mainly put out the older stopclocks though as I want to keep these looking nice)
  20. Skeoch05

    Frozen hearts!

    You can refreeze them.