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    Get Your Sun Cream And Shades Ready!!

    Our has been posted. Hundreds of quality products to give you that sun bed on a beach feeling!! We all need a bit of vitamin sea in our lives! :cool: Please click here
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    Another Hot Offer!!!

    Check out our comprehensive range of heating Mantles from £44.00 !! Please click the link below
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    Our new 2022-23 fully interactive catalogue is available online now!!!!

    Our fully interactive catalogue is available online now. Please click here
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    Spring is here and that can only mean one thing!!

    Our has been posted today. Hundreds of quality products to make you feel blooming marvellous !! Please click here
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    Special Offer On Digital Autoclave!!

    This autoclave is used for sterilisation purposes. Sterilisation is the complete destruction of all micro organisms including the most resistant bacteria and spores. It uses a heater assembly at the bottom for making dry saturated steam for effective sterilisation. Fitted with an ON/OFF...
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    Have a cuppa on us!!

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    Click here to get that warm fuzzy feeling!!!

    Happy new year!! Our has been posted today. Hundreds of quality products to give you that warm fuzzy feeling!! Please click here
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    The water bath has three independently controlled unstirred water baths in one unit. It includes three stainless steel tanks with individual precise controls, allowing each chamber to have a different temperature and water levels. Each tank also includes a removable stainless steel perforated...
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    Our variable micropipettes are constructed from high quality plastic and combined with stainless steel piston for many years of dependable service. Please click below.
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    Go on click here, You know you want to!!!!

    Our has been posted today. Hundreds of quality products at smashing prices!!! Please click here...
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    The perfect tool for inserting glass tubing into rubber and cork stoppers!!
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    Get Your Hand Protectors Ready!!

    Our Has been posted today. Hundreds of quality products at scorching prices!!!
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    Digital Water Bath With Lid From £155.00!!

    A range of digital water baths from 6 litres to 48 litres all come complete with a lid and a perforated shelf. Please click on the link below
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    Labdisc Data Logger

    The Labdisc is a simple one-stop, versatile solution for your Data Logging requirements. The disc contains 13 built in sensors saving the cost of buying the sensors as individual items as well as the Data Logging unit. The Labdisc contains a large memory to store data from 1 000 000 samples, a...
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    Stretch Your Budget Further With Our Class Set Options!

    We have introducted our new class set option on a range of products, helping you to stretch your budget further!! Please click on the link below to view all the offers
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    Bench Top. An Exclusive Range Of Electrical Equipment!!

    The Bench Top is an exclusive range of apparatus designed to meet the requirements of the modern lab. They offer a robust construction built to withstand continuous use, whilst still delivering market beating prices. Please click on the link below to view the full range...
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    Our New 2021-22 Catalogue is out now!!

    Our new 2021-22 Catalogue has been posted to you!! Bursting with over 400 new products and our new exclusive range of apparatus!! With our new Class set offers you can save even more!! Don’t forget to claim your choice of free gifts!! :)
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    Click to view over 300 offers like The Battery Eliminator for £37.75!!

    Our Lab Essentials Flier has over 300 great quality products at the lowest prices like our battery eliminator for £37.75!! Click the link to view the whole Lab Essentials range.
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    A class set of rechargable LED monocular microscopes suitable for GSCE and A level.
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    Class sets of 16 power supplies with a free trolley!!

    Class sets of 16 power supplies, available in 3 or 6 Amp