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    Private Schools technicians

    From my own experience of private, all the schools I've worked in have had small classes, typically 12 to 20 students. The vast majority of lessons include some practical, so the workload can be quite high. My hours are longer than when I worked in the state sector, but the longer holidays...
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    Private Schools technicians

    I've been in three different private schools over the past 17 years and they have varied massively! My last school was super academic, very well resourced, well behaved students, I got free meals and use of the swimming pool. Problem was it was a really high pressure environment and eventually...
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    I know, right? I was gobsmacked, but he meant it and everyone stuck to it.
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    We got pulled into reading/scribing last year and the Head of Science declared that no practicals could happen while we were busy elsewhere. This year the school have hired some invigilators, so we're not being used.
  5. labtech666

    I graduated (finally!)

    Congratulations! I started my OU degree just as the pandemic was kicking off and will hopefully be graduating in just over 3 years.
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    Please hug your loved ones

    I'm so sorry for your loss
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    What jobs have you had aside from being a techie?

    I worked in insurance for a year after I dropped out of uni, then had 5 years without paid work after I had my daughter. For the past 20 years I've been a lab technician
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    Well I did it..applied for a job outside education after 12 years in a schools

    I had a head teacher at a previous school who didn't want to pay for training for technicians because he thought if we got more qualified then we'd leave for somewhere better.
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    The most dangerous toy ever

    My dad had a big jar of mercury which lived on a shelf in our dining room. Occasionally as a treat I'd be allowed to play with it (mid 80s)
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    What's it like working in a private school?

    I'm currently working in a small (500ish pupils) private school, with fairly low fees compared to other schools in the area. My salary is better than what I've seen offered in the state sector recently but our budget is low and we have to fight for anything we want to order, class sizes are...
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    What were you like at school?

    I was quiet, shy and bookish. Our local comprehensive was notoriously rough and my parents were concerned I might not survive, so they made sacrifices to afford to send me to a girls only private school instead. Pretty strict and no mucking around permitted, which didn't sit well with me once I...
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    Science Club Activities

    I'm using a lot of these for my STEM club:
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    Funniest/weirdest first aid.

    I always end up glued to something!
  14. labtech666

    Independent schools inspection

    I've been through 4 ISI inspections and never once spoken to an inspector!
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    Science week - Growth - ideas needed

    There are activity packs on the science week website:
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    Hooke's Law - what do you do?!

    We always use G-clamps
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    stem/ science club

    Lots of ideas here:
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    Interview tasks for new technicians

    Oh man. If social skills had been a factor, I would never have got any job ever!
  19. labtech666

    Growing old

    I'd love lens replacement, but it's so expensive! When I last looked in to it I was quoted £3.5k per eye
  20. labtech666

    Growing old

    It's not fun, but it's totally possible! My eyes are the worst that my optician deals with and every time I need new glasses I end up with every staff member gathered round, gazing in awe and wonder at my ridiculous prescription! :D