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    What are you favourite YouTube channels?

    This is a good channel: Mind blowing mathematics, physics and theoretical science. Some of the concepts really hurt my brain but they are explained so well.
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    Leaving after 21 Years

    Good luck in the future @Lesley Newcombe! You are always welcome back here.. with 21 years in the job you would always be an asset for new techs here!
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    0.23mM iodine solution

    Before I start removing half of this thread, I'd like to remind everyone to keep on topic. The OP asked a simple question, CLEAPSS recipe cards provide a solution. If the OP is a member of CLEAPSS then they should have access to this information already but further clarification is fine. As...
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    So long and thanks for the fish!

    good luck @Emily Ellis and thank you for your contributions here!
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    Please take part in this quick poll about your current working status.

    Just to gauge what our members are currently doing I thought we would run a quick poll asking what your current working status is. Thanks for taking part.
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    Disinfectant 'bath's in classrooms?

    George... this is your final warning on this matter. I am getting notifications and reports from members telling me that once again you are pushing opinions that goes against CLEAPSS advice which we encourage all members to follow. Whatever your personal opinions on the matter, please do not...
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    Microscale practicals for all RP & OCR A levels?

    Just a reminder not to post any copyright content from exam boards or from companies that charge for their content either through subscriptions of memberships.
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    Hi folks! Hope you are all well! Just a quick update on our Technical Champions standards mark project.. Because of the state of the world and the fact schools won't be going back to full normality for the foreseeable future, we have decided to put back the launch schedule to early 2021 *IF*...
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    Right, I've deleted some pointless messages. Please keep ON TOPIC - this thread was created to discuss reopening of schools, not to argue the finer points of the chemical makeup of bleach. Remember that posts on these forums will remain public potentially for many years. Before posting, please...
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    We don't libel companies here George. The advice from CLEAPSS is that Milton is effective and that's the bottom line whether you like it or not. By all means contact Milton and have an argument with them but here we go by CLEAPSS advice and anyone posting a contradictory opinion is very...
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    Our advice is to ALWAYS follow CLEAPSS advice if your school is a member. They know what they are talking about and if anyone is doubting their advice, we would recommend you contact them directly and ask for clarification.
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    Science Technician of the Year Awards 2020

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    Check your privacy settings

    Some of you may not be aware of the privacy settings that are available on this community site. You may be revealing more information about yourself to guests and members than you would like to. Much like Facebook and other social media/forum accounts we recommend that all users customise their...
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    It's still on the main forum index page: and also under the Members tab:
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    We have now completed the upgrade and everything should now be working as expected but let us know if you have any issues with the new forums. Thanks.
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    Example Group

    Some details about my example group
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    Bear with us, looks a bit of a mess at the moment!
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    Hi all, Just to let you know we are upgrading these Community forums over the next week to a brand new version which will have new features and a new look. We will keep any downtime to a minimum but if you experience any problems accessing these forums for short periods of time over the next...
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    Disinfecting after dissection

    @CrowyTech - DO NOT POST ANYTHING FROM CLEAPSS THAT YOU NEED TO ME A CLEAPSS MEMBER TO VIEW. This is the second time I have had to remove a post from you that breaches our T&Cs. Once more and unfortunately your account will be suspended.
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    A new forum post about #TECHOGNITION 2020 here: Please give us your honest feedback! Thanks, Chris.