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    Flash cards....

    the teachers want them they should cut them
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    New lab windows - poor ventilation.

    Do make sure though that teachers use the correct size of sodium as per CLEAPSS guidance. We had the same problem here when our new windows were fitted so we only give very small pieces of Grp 1 metals
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    I am hanging up my Lab coat.

    Hi Julie, sorry to hear about your dad. Retiring is absolutely the best thing to do, spend as much quality time with the ones who matter to you and take time for yourself. Good luck for the future. You will be missed here on preproom
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    Film development waste

    If they've mixed everything together tell them to sort it out and organise the waste collection
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    Dead autoclave

    Such a high cost item should not come from the science budget, you need your HOD on board to back up why you need it
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    Hello again!

    Glad to see you are back Biobee and are on a permanent contract. At least you have windows and you do have many positives
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    Biuret A vs Biuret B

    I believe the combined has slightly less NaOH, hence better for lower school (or it might be the other way round). We now use the 2 part version for all KS's with no problems
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    I'm in, taking a day or two off each week, then off the last week. I quite like it without people in
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    Elephant ears.

    We did this here 26yrs ago. It was from Understanding Science and we used 400/600ml glass beakers. I drew out ears shapes from sugar paper with a tab for attaching to the beaker. The ears were large enough to overlap at the front
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    Our last day is not until 28th July and then only 4 weeks 3 days before everyone's back. I'm in most of the time, got loads to do as we've virtually been at full capacity with practicals all year. Still it will be nice without teachers and students.
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    I retire next week

    All the very best Carol, you will be missed on peproom. Don't give technicianing a second thought you deserve a wonderful retirement
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    I retire next week

    are you staying as a technician or have you escaped? it would be a shame to loose another experienced tech
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    Questions to ask technician

    We are in the position of appointing an Assistant RPS (schools) and they have asked my technician who works 5days compared to me who works 4days. I believe this is a more responsible position than just carrying out all the tasks but having no title and therefore should be given to a Senior...
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    Frozen hearts!

    I write on the bag that they have been defrosted once before re-freezing
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    Making rates of reaction micro kits

    In a working fumecupboard heat a cork borer. Use one smaller than the hole you require