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    Making states of matter syringes

    We've always made them using araldite on the ends - works well
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    Lone Tech feeling anxious. :(

    What happens in the classroom is definitely the teachers responsibility, they will have risk assessed what they are doing and be aware of how their students behave or not. So sad for you that you have been dropped in at the deep end and feeling alone, it can be so hard but don't let anyone...
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    Alkali metals demo

    Thank you, we have emailed the teacher requesting the practical to ask how she feels about a smaller container to just to confirm she is happy as ultimately it's her risk assessment just wanted to make sure that we could offer an answer. We do give out smallish bits for them to cut smaller bits...
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    Alkali metals demo

    Hi, Can anyone advise, I have just broken the only large glass trough we have at school and need to do the alkali metals demo tomorrow. Can we do potassium in a small trough (200mm), concerned as it seems quite thin walled? I have only ever given this demo out 300mm trough? Cheers