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    Prestige High dome 6L pressure cooker

    Thank you. Ill give that a try. How long do you suggest I leave it gently hissing?
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    Prestige High dome 6L pressure cooker

    Hi. I need some advice regarding the prestige pressure cooker that is recommended for agar sterilization. Basically what is the amount of water needed in the cooker for sterilizing 3 x 250 ml conicals of nutrient agar? We had an old pressure cooker and we would fill it a third full. We would...
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    Gas cylinders - location

    Hi all, We have a hydrogen cylinder and an oxygen cylinder in the department. Can anyone point me in the right direction regarding the safe storage of these. Can they be inside the building or do they have to be outside in a lockable cage? How do you store your so that they conform to fire...
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    Bubbles in Thermometers

    I had quite a few that just wouldn't respond to other methods. This worked a treat! Thank you!
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    Lime water practical

    DOH!! Never looking further than my nose. Thanks : )
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    The things teachers say...

    .....I don't actually care anyway, so I'm going to ask you for something that I need right now!
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    Lime water practical

    I cant seem to find this anywhere on CLEAPPS. Would you have a link or guidance number? Thanks
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    The things teachers say...

    Comes in mid lesson (flustered) and says...."can I have some (insert chemical or equipment)", then proceeds to take it off a trolley set up for another lesson! Or takes the entire trolley!
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    Christmas Decorations - Scienc-y

    We have filled a couple of very large round flasks with battery operated lights!
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    Boiling tubes

    I have found a considerable stash of dusty old boiling tubes which I would like to make use of. But, they aren't lipped and very few are marked with Pyrex. The rest have nothing to indicate the type of glass they are. Does anyone know if these are ok to use? Thanks
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    PAT testing. Is it required every year?

    Have any of your schools ever missed the yearly PAT testing? If so, what are the implications?
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    Calling all senior technicians

    Thanks. Yes that's my exact situation. I need the reduction in hours so I am going to step down from being a senior ( the rate of pay is negligible if I stepped down and did the exact same hours, but will be cutting so pay WILL go down a chunk). The trouble is, they are having difficulties in...