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    Microscope Servicing Suggestions

    Like several others have said, ours are done in-house by yours truly!!!. Most of the time, all they need is a good wipe over and "tweak", but I was really chuffed with myself during the lockdown in January, as I tackled 4 microscopes which had been sitting on my side bench for about 2yrs...
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    Technician interview - advice please

    Totally agree with paul r's reply! We interviewed last week and gave them the task of making up an accurate solution. The one who got the job read the instructions carefully and followed them to the letter. This candidate talked us through what they were doing, and why, and wasn't afraid to ask...
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    CLEAPSS password

    Bulletin arrived here today ...but the old password still seems to be working!! :D Anyone found out when the old one will "die"??
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    PAG 1.2 Blood smear - Buffered water?

    We do OCR and as LyndaR says, you can use the potassium salts to make your buffer if you don't have the sodium ones. That's what we do, and it's absolutely fine. Also, we don't order in horse blood - the students use their own, which is much cheaper, always fresh, AND they get the "wow" factor...
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    Mini pond advice

    I took our stock of pondweed home at the start of lockdown last year (someone had just brought me a stash from their garden pond ready for the up-coming required prac.........). I chucked it into one of those plastic trugs in our back garden and it's been there ever since! It gets the morning...
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    Vaccination for those over 56

    Me too. Had my first dose yesterday - definitely feeling a bit ropey today. Am pottering around doing those low-key things which need doing at some point, but don't take much brain effort!
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    Vaccination for those over 56

    Today's the day - going after school this afternoon :)
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    CLOSED - Chemistry Technician vacancy - Plymouth

    Plymstock School in Devon is looking to recruit a Chemistry Technician. Closing date is Monday 15th March. Full details can be found on our vacancies page:
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    Vaccination for those over 56

    Just in case anyone missed the news at the weekend, anyone over the age of 56 can now book a Covid vaccination. I booked mine (both doses) online on Saturday and it was really easy to do:
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    Scichem have these on offer at the moment. They look exactly like ours (which are Motic), and are absolutely fine. A good price too :)
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    What is Santa bringing you?

    I think she means one of these......
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    Inset day inequality

    Yes. Had a lovely email from the Head this morning - school will be closed to EVERYONE on Friday........ "This decision will apply to all staff (both teaching and support staff)" and: "Any cleaning by our premises staff will now be scheduled on Thursday, so the school can close for Friday...
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    Anyone see snow today ?

    There was quite a covering on the highest parts of Dartmoor.
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    PAG 6.1 using amino acids

    We've just done this one. We use about 2cm depth. We used the CLEAPSS method and it worked a treat :D
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    What is Santa bringing you?

    Aww - it's difficult, isn't it :confused:. Hopefully it's just for this year!