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    I retire next week

    Adding my best wishes to you, Carol, for a long, happy and healthy retirement :star:
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    Class Sizes

    30 max. and some of the lower ability sets are a lot smaller - around 15 - 20.
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    Roll on end of term...

    We've had so many cases in the past week, it feels like we're limping to the end of term :confused: . We finish next Friday (23rd), but there are so many kids out, staff are beginning to cancel practicals for the week ahead. I'm sure it wouldn't so any harm to just shut up shop now and start...
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    Decency in Government.

    I was a little cross with Wimbledon yesterday because the commentator said that Centre Court wasn't actually as full as it looked. Apparently it was at half capacity....but everyone had moved down the stands so that the area nearest the court was full and the seating higher up underneath the...
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    Summer break

    No plans to go away this year....but as we live in Devon, there are plenty of lovely places to go for day trips :)
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    OCR exam board Trypsin enzyme RP - any tips?

    We do OCR and have actually found this to be one of the more reliable enzyme practicals! We use Marvel Milk 4% and Trypsin 2%. As has already been mentioned, both need to be fresh. I always do a trial to get some sample timings so the teacher knows roughly what to expect in the lesson.
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    how long have you worked as a technician?

    16 years by the end of this term!
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    Agar cube diffusion problems

    This worked perfectly for me last week :)
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    Planner for Technicians

    I've made my own using Word. I customise it at the start of the year, print out the pages then put them in a ring binder. Saves writing rooms / teacher initials / class set all the time!
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    Microscope Servicing Suggestions

    Like several others have said, ours are done in-house by yours truly!!!. Most of the time, all they need is a good wipe over and "tweak", but I was really chuffed with myself during the lockdown in January, as I tackled 4 microscopes which had been sitting on my side bench for about 2yrs...
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    Technician interview - advice please

    Totally agree with paul r's reply! We interviewed last week and gave them the task of making up an accurate solution. The one who got the job read the instructions carefully and followed them to the letter. This candidate talked us through what they were doing, and why, and wasn't afraid to ask...
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    CLEAPSS password

    Bulletin arrived here today ...but the old password still seems to be working!! :D Anyone found out when the old one will "die"??
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    PAG 1.2 Blood smear - Buffered water?

    We do OCR and as LyndaR says, you can use the potassium salts to make your buffer if you don't have the sodium ones. That's what we do, and it's absolutely fine. Also, we don't order in horse blood - the students use their own, which is much cheaper, always fresh, AND they get the "wow" factor...
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    Mini pond advice

    I took our stock of pondweed home at the start of lockdown last year (someone had just brought me a stash from their garden pond ready for the up-coming required prac.........). I chucked it into one of those plastic trugs in our back garden and it's been there ever since! It gets the morning...
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    Vaccination for those over 56

    Me too. Had my first dose yesterday - definitely feeling a bit ropey today. Am pottering around doing those low-key things which need doing at some point, but don't take much brain effort!