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    Alternatives to plastic rods to produce static forces?

    If we run out of plastic rods we usually just give them some disposable plastic pipettes. We have plenty of them and they seem to do the job quite well.
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    buying IR /spectrocopy kit for A level

    We have also got the iS5 and paid somewhere in the same region as this. I suspect you will find similar entry level instruments from the other major manufacturers will come in around this sort of price point too. It is a big investment, but it is a very good piece of kit. The ATR accessory is...
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    I second this. Using small pieces of Calcium works perfectly well to demonstrate the reactivity of group II metals. It is readily available, safer and avoids all the hassle of having to buy extra chemicals that you'll probably never end up using again.
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    On the back, in the user column it should list it as TT.
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    I would refer them back to the CLEAPSS HazCard which specifies it is for teacher and technician use only. I think if they want to use it for a class practical they would need to contact CLEAPSS for a special risk assessment. Though, I imagine it would just be much easier for your HOD to just...
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    Labeling for glassware

    I'd second the Brother P Touch. We have been using various incarnations of those machines for many years with no complaints. We don't regularly put them through the dishwasher, but on the occasions that we have needed to they have survived alright. The tapes can be a little bit expensive...
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    RSC Inspiring School Science Technicians event?

    Got the email on Friday afternoon. Disappointed this won't be going ahead, but as others have said it's not surprising given the current situation. Hopefully will be able to convince the Head of Science to let me go next year instead.
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    Notable Alumni

    Independent schools certainly have an advantage in this game Simon! I think we are even more so than you in that respect. I wouldn't want to start listing them all, but I'll just say than they include 20 PMs, 2 Nobel prize winners, 37 Victoria crosses, numerous royals and the archbishop of...
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    Boiling tubes / test tubes - with or without a rim...

    We only ever buy rimless here too. Much easier to store and put through the dishwasher without chipping and not encountered any obvious downside since we've been using them. I think any improvement in the pouring characteristics would easily be outweighed by the general level of incompetence...
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    Alternative for Potassium nitrate when making chemical cells?

    We often use saturated potassium chloride. Works very well.
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    You won't believe this...

    That could have Bhuna very dangerous thing to do. Hopefully someone will teach them to Tikka bit more care in the future!
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    RSCI Tech

    This is all really great advice David, and thank you for clearing up a few of the misconceptions surrounding this. I have been volunteering as an assessor for the the RSC's professional registers for several years now and would just like to confirm that i have received several applications to...
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    Diary Jargon

    Surely they just mean a solution of SO2 gas dissolved in water? Which seems like a fairly reasonable request. No need to make liquid sulphur dioxide in order to achieve this.
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    What if you could send a teacher to get something for you......what would it be ??

    I wouldn't trust any of my lot to go and get anything for me, but some days I would happily send a few of them for a long walk off a short pier.
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    RsciTech thing. again...

    It clearly knows how special being recognised as an arseytech is!