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    This decay practical!

    We did this method in September and it worked well, 3mins at 33C
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    New Microscope!

    So it can overlay the eyepiece graticule and stage micrometer? We have a camera but it is not able to focus on the eyepiece?
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    Scalpel Blade Placement / Removal Tool

    We've got one of these... then you dispose of the whole thing.
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    AQA exam Board Isolation medium

    I make fresh, only keep it for 2 weeks and refrigerated...
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    SciChem deliveries and billing for things that haven't arrived

    Yes we have! Invoice sent to one of the Governors and taking aaaages to deliver; shame they used to be my favourite supplier!
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    Welcome Back

    Hello...started back yesterday, no students yet though! Hoping not to have another lockdown!!!
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    Heart Dissection

    Samples for Schools are good,
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    how long have you worked as a technician?

    10 yrs Industry (Chocolate Factory Mmmm...), 20 yrs Schools, 8Yrs UCL now back to School :), been here 18 months, but not actually been in much, due to Covid, Furlough... Looooong...time
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    Year 11 Induction

    Morning, We are doing Microscopy with graticules for Biology, with the new 6th Form and maybe dissection.
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    Eye dissection

    E-mail Blades, they reply very quickly and will tell you the timeframe; (I usually send to '')
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    Eye dissection

    Yes, we use the Sheep Eyes from Blades :)
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    Microscope Camera

    We got one of these, I am impressed with the quality of the image, simple to use once the software was installed...will try to get more! Thanks :)
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    Btec.....pig semen

    Live??? Errrgh
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    Microscope Camera

    Thanks that looks good :), I can't get the Flexicam to work....