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    Murashige and Skoog Agar

    I've kept them in the fridge for months and they have been fine. I usually make up a way in advance because of the faff at the last minute:)
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    AQA B8.1. Light intensity and rate of photosynthesis

    I use Lincolnshire pond plants too. I think you can order from them via Ebay and Amazon too. I've still got some elodea from weeks ago that I put in my daphnia tank. It's growing well and still oxygenating. The quality is always very good. I've just set up a pond at home and have used them...
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    At what point does someone higher up the food chain think it's ok to take someone out of their role to invigilate? Surely invigilation is a completely separate role that should be advertised and paid separately. Teachers who would normally be teaching exam groups have the time ( although they'd...
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    Convection Demo

    Teachers really annoy me when they do this to the technician. If he's adamant about doing it he should provide you with the list of what you need and how you need to set it up. It doesn't sound like anything I've done before. The problem here is that someone can give you advice but if it's...
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    Electrophoresis - Agarose Gel

    It will last for months apparently as it doesn't support the growth of micro-organisms. Store it at room temp. The NCBE information sheet has loads of useful info :) I use their kits and practical sheets. The teacher/technician notes are very detailed.
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    I agree! I can use this argument next time they ask for it. They do at least tend to listen if I quote CLEAPSS. Thanks for pointing it out.
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    Same here. I get cheapo own brand cola where possible. Tesco have their own brand of de-caffeinated so I try to go for that. So annoying when it's not specified in the scheme of work. Carrying the bottles in ain't easy either :( A few years back we used 21st Century Science and it had making...
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    AQA C8.8. Dynamic equilibrium

    We must have done it at some point as I've got copies of the sheets and I've made my own notes on it. As far as I can recall it was fine to do. Obviously with conc HCL the teacher needs to be on the ball!
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    Organising Teachers

    As you are new to the role and therefore the school you really need to start to lay down the ground rules asap. If you let the present situation roll as it is then they will think that's the norm and that it's acceptable. It will make it far harder to turn around. As Dave T says, you need the...
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    Climacteric Technicians

    Luckily there's no shop nearby else I'm sure I would also succumb. Sometimes you have to have a treat so don't be too hard on yourself. I feel that the weight I have gained probably won't go but I'm trying not to add to it! Such a pain!
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    Staff who expect us to give them preferential treatment.

    It's not that she can't tell me what to do but she doesn't know what happens in the prep room on a daily basis. In order to tell me what to do she would have to know my role/workload etc. I don't need managing - I don't think any technician does by the HOD. We're capable of managing our own...
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    Staff who expect us to give them preferential treatment.

    Although I accept that the HOD is usually line manager to the senior tech/techs in general but how a prep room runs really isn't down to the HOD. They don't work in there, they don't know what the workload is on a daily or weekly basis and they don't appreciate what goes on in a preproom full...
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    Climacteric Technicians

    I've started to only bring certain things to eat whereas I was bringing more sugary bits and bobs. It's as boring as hell but I think it's helping. I drink loads of water to fill up then try to stick to fruit and a tub of nuts/raisins for snacks. If I haven't got it I can't eat itIt might not...
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    AQA P5.3 Energy and power

    We don't have any Joule meters but as STEMTech says, we use ammeters and voltmeters instead. There's a section in the teacher/technician notes regarding this so I just point it out to whoever is teaching the lesson so that they can alter the worksheets accordingly.
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    Please hug your loved ones

    So very sorry for your loss. My hubby was poorly before Christmas and just the thought of losing him was a nightmare so I can't begin to imagine what you're going through. Stay strong and hold on to the many happy memories that I'm sure you will have. I've genuinely shed a tear reading your...