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    Vaccine reaction

    Apparently I am one of the worst my doctors have seen so who knows :/
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    Sad/bad news

    So sorry! I have only seen this thread but what a shock! Thinking of you at this tough time
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    Vaccine reaction

    I had Az (it was before it got recalled for young people) The 1st night I was really really poorly, I was in so so much joint pain and if I would stretch out, it wouldn't help at all. I did fall asleep somehow, woke up at 1.30 and was sick on and off until 5am which I send my absent message as I...
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    ..thanks for all the fish..

    Good Luck & All the best!
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    Gratnell trays

    I feel like Gratnell should make this smaller size as sometimes we need trays but a tub is a pain to hold items.
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    year 6 transition days

    Our place said today we are moving it to September as its too risky with all the staff?pupils and pupils who will attend different schools. Not sure what we are doing yet, but I will see what CLEAPSS will say nearer the time.
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    Mental Health Matters

    Good Luck! Be prepared to not do much the next days after (depending on what you have) I have had both now (I am asthmatic) and I am still struggling from my 1st and I felt like I had been hit by a bus by the 2nd one. I hope it goes well!
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    Tech team organisation

    Here's my team Me, Myself & I :laughing: I seem to manage quiet well as being a lone tech but we are a small school. I have to pre plan and always think the next day ahead. We have two preprooms though one is more storage than a working-tech prep room. I have a staff planner which helps me...
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    Vaccination for those over 56

    As a fellow, ASD & Anxiety I am happy to speak to you about the process? My Nurse was lovely ( I had my hidden disability lanyard on ) and it was all fine. They even allowed me to go when I was ready (My mum was in the car outside as I was concerned about driving)
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    stuck stopper

    I have been told in the past to use Hot water and Washing up liquid?
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    Polystyrene Cups' Lids

    Yep! We swear by this method and it really helps if that one students decides that the cup needs a hole in it :rolleyes:
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    Vaccination for those over 56

    Yeah. I have now been sent for a blood test (waiting on results) to see what is wrong with me as its been going on since I've had the vaccine. Am struggling as just so tried at the moment :(
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    Vaccination for those over 56

    I am 23 and had mine due to health issues. I was so poorly with mine ( I has az) I was sick, hurting in all my joints and I generally didn't know what to do with myself. Even my mum said if I was that ill with no vaccine - she would of called 999 (I still live at home) Still not 100% but we...
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    When's Holidays and What are You Doing

    This is my third day back since returning the Easter holidays (We got two weeks) I was mainly resting as I am still getting over my covid vaccine (4 weeks today since I had it) So am having some blood work done soo to find out what's going on. I am lucky that it isn't too bad this week but...
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    Hello and Thank you from Sunny Cumbria

    Hello and Welcome :)