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    Calculators during COVID-19 period

    We have managed to have set in each class for years 9/10/11 (All GCSE years) and 60 to be shared in each year 7 and 8 bubbles. I only managed this as maths just replaced all of there and we were gifted their old one (after buying news ones ourselves), along with borrowing the exam sets too.
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    Flammable Liquid Cupboard

    My department needs to purchase a Flammable liquids cupboards as our current one isn't up to scratch. Haas anyone got any recommendations which aren't too pricey.
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    What are YOU doing to prepare for practicals (potentially) in September?

    My HoD told me this week, that it will be unlikely that we will be doing practical when school opens in September and that we will have to wait and see how everything goes as to when she will start letting some happen.
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    Fume Cupboard

    If your planning on moving from one lab to another, make sure that it will fit through all the doors ways. One of my teachers, came from a school who didn't think of that so they ended up only being able to use it in one lab.
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    Test Tubes

    I'm starting to look at ordering for next year supplies, this is my first time doing this. So I'm looking at test tubes and its blowing my mind with how many different types and manufacture there are. I just don't know what I need to be buying. I don't know what was ordered for before as that...
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    I can't see any of it working. They want kids to queue up 2 meters apart outside the rooms, the corridors are less than 2m wide so if one person is queuing then no one will be able to go down the corridor to the other rooms. Also, classrooms are not big enough to allow 2m between each student...
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    Considering getting online system for reqs

    I've tried both of them, they both have their positives and negatives, I found Schoolpreproom had some better features but the whole system isn't as easy to use and is still in a very early stage of development. In the end, I went with Lablogger as I knew it would be easier for all staff to use...
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    Help with Ray boxes

    I've just opened up the silver box and it appears to be some sort of LED (See photo). No one in the department has seen any power leads for these. So it they run on 3V I might wire up and AA battery holders to power them. I would image that would be a lot cheaper than leads or powers supples.
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    Help with Ray boxes

    So yesterday I was asked to get the ray boxes out for the 1st time. At the end of the lesson, the teacher gave me two of them and said they need bulbs putting in them as they are missing. After I had a look at them I see they are LED or some are something similar. My problem is I'm not sure...
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    Alternative to matches.

    I'm getting fed up with filling up matchboxes all the time. It's school policy to only have 4 matches in each student box and its very time consuming and not to mention boring filling them up. Do any of you use any alternatives, that might save me from going insane!
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    The Big Bang Fair 2020

    I've just been asked to help out of the school trip to the Big Bang Fair. Never been before, so not quite sure what to expect but I am hoping it will be a good day. It will also be nice to get out of the prep room for a while. Are there any of you lots going?
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    Prep Room Doors

    I need ideas of what to put on the outside of my Prep Room door. My predecessor had a few sign up trying to tell students not to enter but look a mess and are not very clear. So would I be able to see some photos of your doors to see what you have up. I have put a photo of what I currently have.
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    Distilled Water Containers

    Sounds like they are drinking it. 10l last me a few weeks, unless Im making up lots of chemical.
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    Distilled Water Containers

    I'm needing to get some new containers to store our distilled water in (mine are leaking). I was wondering what everyone else is using, so I can see if there is anything better out there or if to buy a similar product to what we have. Currently I have 2x5l bottles which both have taps on them.
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    Its all new to me!

    Hi everyone. I am have just compleated my first half term as a Science Technician. I started in September with no previous experience and I haven't don't anything Science related since I left school nearly 20 years ago. So far it's going really well and I'm slowly bringing the department out of...