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    Alternatives to nail polish?

    You can usually pick up a tradescantia plant from B & Q for about £4
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    Spill Kits in Labs?

    I don't put spill kits in labs. I never give anything out in a quantity that would need the use of a spill kit so just keep one in each prep room for when I'm handling large quantities
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    Darwin Biological

    I think they're the company SLS use to supply bacteria etc. I've had a few cultures delivered recently and they seem good
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    Ripple Tank MkIII Review

    It can't be projected easily with a visualiser, but if you lift the lid up in a darkened lab it will project onto the ceiling. Thats how we use it
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    STEM Course - Technicians supporting chemistry 22nd April - York.

    I've booked on to it. Hoping it will still go ahead!
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    Better Equipped Alternatives

    We buy most of our supplies from SLS ( They are quite competitive with pricing anyway, but if you have a decent sized order it's worthwhile speaking to a rep. We've had issues in the past with the quality of some chemicals from cheaper supplies. Never had a problem with SLS
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    BTEC practical exam Summer 2020

    It was available 2 weeks ago from the secure section of the Pearson website. Our exams officer had to download it
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    Plastic bottles for 1M HCl and other such things

    I've just bought hundreds of these from SLS although they are the narrow neck version: They're cheaper than Better Equipped and if you have a large order, it's worth contacting a rep to see if you can get discount
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    Logit Live Datalogging Kit

    Sorry Nick- somebody had messaged me directly when I posted and I've only just had a chance to update this thread
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    Logit Live Datalogging Kit

    All of the equipment is now sold
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    Logit Live Datalogging Kit

    We're replacing our dataloggers due to system upgrades in school. I'm looking to sell: Interfaces x6 (maybe 1 or 2 more) Current probe x1 Voltage probe x1 Temperature probe x9 Temperature probe (high temp thermocouple) x16 Light gates x4 pairs Light level x12 Movement and position sensor x1 pH...
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    Protactinium Generators

    I don’t suppose you’d be willing to share a photo of the kit you made or instructions on how to make?
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    Protactinium Generators

    I'd love some advice on making the chambers? We were looking to buy the kit this year but can't afford the £275 but would love something to do half life properly
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    Unilab MFA Counter Modules

    Would anybody be interested in buying some of the Unilab MFA counter modules? Trying to raise some money to replace bits of kit
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    Thin Layer Chromatography (analgesics) - any tips?

    Just trialled this today- caffeine didn’t show up for me with iodine vapour but showed under UV light. I used 10:9:1 ethyl ethanoate:hexane:ethanoic acid and the aspirin just dissolved and didn’t show. Reduced the amount of ethyl ethanoate to 2:9:1 and it mostly worked although the deparation...