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    Technical Champions quality mark

    Thank you. This is most helpful. I raised this through my HoD last year, who took it to SMT, but the HoD was leaving so it got parked. We now have a new HoD who is currently overwhelmed with new teaching methods, SoWs etc. but when things settle down in a week or two I will resurrect this and...
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    Technical Champions quality mark

    Has anyone applied for the Technical Champions quality mark? If so, what do the school get for the money? I'm trying to convince my school to apply but they want to know what they get for the money. Is it just the use of the logo (if successful)?
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    CLOSED - Biology Technician Part Time - Royal Hospital School, Suffolk - Readvertised as post not filled

    If you have any queries, please contact the HR Manager on or 01473 326200.
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    CLOSED - Biology Technician Part Time - Royal Hospital School, Suffolk - Readvertised as post not filled

    PART TIME BIOLOGY TECHNICIAN Salary band £10,352 per annum Hours of work, 22 hours and 30 minutes per week (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) during term time (36.2 weeks per year - 32.2 weeks term time and 4.4 weeks during the school holiday period). We are seeking to appoint an enthusiastic and...
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    Lab Logger

    I like it. It does take a while to set up all the templates, but once that's done the teachers just have to select the practical they want and drop it onto their lesson. Quick and easy for them, and you don't get lots of requests for what is actually the same practical but with different titles...
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    Sink traps in science

    Property services job. If the traps are not done up tightly, they leak, but if they are done up tightly enough to not leak then I can't undo them!
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    Summer Hol Jobs

    Before the summer holidays I blitz all the labs, making sure they have enough of the right equipment, replacing anything broken or damaged. Empty and clean all the gratnell trays at the same time. Clean fume cupboards - as the teachers always do messy 'fun' practicals such as cannon fire at the...
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    Mini balances

    We have received two as freebies with orders or from reps over the years. One turns itself off after about 30 seconds. The other keeps going until turned off. It all depends on what you need them for, and whether pupils (or teachers) can be trusted to turn them off when finished!
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    Chromatography using food colouring

    Found some ancient Wilton food colouring paste at the back of a cupboard at home - a quality concentrated paste that you only need the tiniest amount to colour a whole cake. Before I threw the out-of-date box away, containing 8 colours, thought I would give chromatography a try. I put half a...
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    Chromatography using food colouring

    I struggled to find a range of food colourings that worked, and we do chromatography in Y7, Y8 and again in Y9, and I wanted them to all be different. So I use black felt-tipped pens of different brands with water as the solvent for Y7, coloured biro pens with ethanol as the solvent for Y8, and...
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    Reduction of copper carbonate to copper metal

    We use the CLEAPSS microscale method in beer bottle tops. Works well, uses only a very small amount of chemicals and virtually nothing to clear up afterwards.