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    We've got ours - full 5 period days, cycle over 2 weeks - 339 lessons
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    Bunsen Burners soot on boiling tubes

    Washing by hand unfortunately :(
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    Mark, capture, release

    Sniper rifle
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    Ring and ball apparatus

    Ball & ring experiment. the ball goes through the ring when cold, heat the ball in a Bunsen then try to put the ball through the ring - it won't go due to the expansion of the metal when heated. (You could do the reverse and put the ring in a freezer but I've never seen it done that way).
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    The teachers and kids go next Tuesday - I am taking a week and a couple of days off and am in the rest of the time (I'm full time so only get 28 days + bank hols) and the Science Dept is being rewired. God knows where I'm going to shift stuff to avoid the sparkies and eons worth of dust in the...
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    I retire next week

    All the best on your retirement Carol. Enjoy it. :)
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    Hello from West Wales

    Hello and welcome from the North West of England. :)
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    Mark, capture, release

    Tippex these days does not have 1,1,1,-trichloroethane in it anymore but naptha instead! Poor woodlice.
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    Any pasta/noodle maker reconmendations?

    I've largely cut out bread apart from the occasional sandwich because it seemed to make my back problems worse as well as felling bloated and tired after the carb sugar rush.
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    Its going to be a quiet summer (rant)

    We use paper labels off a spreadsheet and Hazard symbol tape - both can be replaced quickly if damaged
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    Anyone know who sells these bottles?

    Timstar do some Powder Bottles, Polypropylene (
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    Anyone else a Hotel Chocolat fan?

    I'm a wine, coffee and dark chocolate (75% plus) fan but could be converted - it's do nowt for the waistline though :D
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    ..thanks for all the fish..

    Enjoy! :)
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    Can you heat 250ml glasses?

    Not unless they're Pyrex and even then I would be careful - if directly heating ( not really advisable) then do on la low flame. If using a heatproof mat get the solution to just boil rather than boiling vigorously (it'll spit) you'll be OK until it gets to near dryness, then take the heat away...
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    Do you think it will come home? England v Denmark

    My ability to win the lottery is nil :laughing: