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    How to cut glass safely?

    If you have got a fine gauze, we have some without the heat proof white circle in the middle, you might be ale to file the tube down using the gauze as the file. Might need a polish in the bunsen flame after just to smooth off any rough edges.
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    The price of rushing...

    Yep, use a cork borer, or more than one. Start off with a small one and work your way up to one that's just bigger than the the glass tube you want to insert, alternating inserting from top to bottom, using a bit of washing up liquid as a lubricant. Hardest part is working out whether to start...
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    Traning New Technican

    Pack your stretchy waist band trousers, you will be well fed!
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    stupid question

    Sash to high?
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    AQA exam Board Suitable filter paper for Chromatography

    For felt pen chromatography we just use this and cut to length to fit in 250ml beakers. doesn't take too long with a guillotine. A level and btec tend to use TLC plates.
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    Replacement LED for Apex Learner Microscope

    The ones i bought were white 5mm LED, waterclear, 10000 mcd, 30°C
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    Replacement LED for Apex Learner Microscope

    Had a similar issue with our motic microscopes. I managed to remove the LED from the holder and solder in some that I got on ebay. Saved a fortune.
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    lablogger down again?

    It's a bit worrying how dependant we are on it. All the time I have put in to the templates and stock lists etc. I have at least managed to get a screen print of the calendar so I can see what's going on with todays requisitions.
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    Are we still washing goggles?

    We have put all ours back in the labs. Was a bit unsure about doing it but we as a school are firmly in the "everything is back to normal now" camp. Be interesting to see how long it lasts.
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    Any pasta/noodle maker reconmendations?

    Could you try bread made with out yeast? Such as soda bread or a sourdough loaf?
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    Carbon dioxide solution

    There is a pH of oxides experiment on the RSC website click. Is that what they are after?
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    LED Raybox

    Thanks for the replies, I will give a class set from better equipped a go and see how we get on.
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    LED Raybox

    Hello, We are in the fortunate position of having a few quid to spend on new equipment and I am looking at getting some LED rayboxes. Has anybody tried these from select school supplies? SSS rayboxes They are cheap for a class set but I am very wary of the old adage of buy cheap buy twice and...
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    Edexcel exam board Growing Algae

    I found this video quite helpful. Not that we ever got to use the algae as it died over lockdown. You can buy a starter culture from blades biological.
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    testing the concentration of Ammonia

    I would make up a what you think is a 1M solution of ammonia from your old stock bottle and then titrate it with 1M HCl. At least that will give you a rough idea of the strength of your stock bottle. Google suggests methyl orange as the indicator.