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    Vaccine reaction

    This is a useful thread but keep it about your reactions to having the vaccine please, it seems to be going down a political/conspiracy rabbit hole which is not relevant to the original topic. Some of these posts will be removed.
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    Photos can be found here...
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    Yes the winners were randomly chosen from all those uploaded during the day via a script that automatically chooses three. I've asked our technical director to link to them though from the winners page on the website for reference.
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    Thank you to everyone who took part in #TECHOGNITION today! We had almost 1000 photos uploaded to the site and saw thousands of posts from technicians and from schools celebrating their technical staff. The three winners of our prizes are: FIRST PRIZE - Mel Jones from Bohunt School in Liphook...
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    Really? Why would they do that? There are no fishy keywords, or forums, or advertising. You need to get your IT tech to sort that out!
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    Try again now. If it's still displaying a 404, let me know what link your are clicking. Might be worth refreshing your browser - CTRL+F5
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    No they can be from any time - but need to show you or a colleague performing a genuine technician job.
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    We had about 60 uploads happening at the same time about an hour ago. It tested our web host, that's for sure! Survived though.
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    It has been up all morning from what we can see. There have been times where uploads have taken a bit longer as there are so many being uploaded at the same time but should be working for all. Sorry for the delay in replying... been a bit hectic today! :oops:
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    It's =AZUO3olNGv6yALhJffu-i4xv52MxKI7UEPf-L8dwnkOeDAaujuJM-MhoR0IvY_05b1n8XjFvKQj6vib9pgeSIAqVNiLQ1bk7VVGbm36yHjf6tvVRffsmjN60Q69nF_dluSStdi_wnZHT_-5E8dkU3NMQ3An4PCvteIE6xt8VAweMmQ&__tn__=*NK-R']#TECHOGNITION day! You can start uploading photos to our website from 08:00 this morning...
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    Is this the beginning of the end for the Science Technician role?

    Keep it civil folks, I don't want to start getting PMs from angry/upset posters! Everyone is entitled to an opinion, even if it's different to yours. :techognition:
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    CLEAPSS password

    DO NOT POST CLEAPSS PASSWORDS, NEW OR OLD HERE! I have had to moderate several posts to remove expired passwords. I'll say it again - if you can't log in, SPEAK TO CLEAPSS directly who will sort your issue.
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    #TECHOGNITION - This Friday!

    This Friday the 11th June 2021 we celebrate and showcase technical staff in schools and FE colleges across the UK in our fourth annual #TECHOGNITION event! During this one-day event in association with UNISON and Gratnells, we encourage technical staff in UK schools and colleges to upload...
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    Sad/bad news

    I'm afraid not. The only way is to copy and paste the text from these posts directly.