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    Metal Salts (of flame tests) disposal

    @JHRoss and anyone else tempted to post CLEAPSS or other documents that only paid members are allowed to view - please do not or you risk being banned from these forums.
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    Hi Folks, hope you are all well! I've put a new post about Technical Champions into the committee forum area here: Please have a read and post any suggestions you have. I'd really welcome some feedback if any...
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    CLEAPSS password

    If you can't log in, :cleapss: Simple! ;)
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    Please report any spam to us

    Thanks. All removed now. No security issue - just automated spambots! :mad:
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    Hi everyone, hope you all had a good Easter break! I've put together a little post about Technical Champions and something we need from you if possible here: Many thanks, Chris.
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    CCEA exam board Alternative solvent for Amino Acid Chromatography

    It's there now. Just needed a cache refresh. I've changed them to pastels so they aren't so 'in your face'. :cool:
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    CCEA exam board Alternative solvent for Amino Acid Chromatography

    I've added this prefix, so there are 4 options now.
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    Smoking Sue and Baby Too

    This is the easiest way to do it. Thanks Emma. The file is genuine and not a virus even if your school system says it is. :hazard2:
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    Staff Duties is this in my job description

    If they have added this without your agreement, speak to your union. This is not a technical job and not something they should ask you to do if they have any idea what your job involves.
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    #TECHOGNITION 2021 - prize ideas needed! Click here: Thanks, Chris.
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    OCR exam board Exam Board related posts

    If you wish to post a question or anything related to a specific exam board, eg a question about a practical from the OCR exam board, you can now add a prefix to the title when creating a new thread. To do this, just choose the exam board your thread relates to from the little dropdown menu...
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    The 11th June it is!
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    SW London Technician vacancy.

    Please tag @prepAdmin when this closes as there's not a set closing date please @K Matheson-McLaughlin
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    Hi everyone. Hope you are all keeping safe! We are thinking of Friday 11th June for our #TECHOGNITION event. It has come to our attention that our proposed July event wouldn't be possible for schools in Scotland, so we are looking for a date a bit earlier in the summer term and the 11th looks...
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    We've added a 'general technician discussion' area to the new Technical Champions community forums so there's a place science techs can also join in the conversation. (but will need to register over there) It's not perfect having the two sites separate but we will be looking to merge them...