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    Excel sheets

    Hi, we use Google sheets. I have a sheet for each teacher. About once a day I go through them (CTRL+SHIFT+Page Down) and write anything new on little post-its which we stick on our board - that's how we keep track of what's to go out and come back in during the day. As I do this, I fill the...
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    Science department H&S policies

    Reviewing/updating - so long as the one you've currently got is otherwise OK - usually just means checking that nobody who has left is responsible for anything and that major changes within the dept (such as different rooms being used) don't make bits of it all wrong. You could identify...
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    mercury thermometers

    We disposed of all of ours (11-16 school). There's nothing we do that needs to be super accurate and dealing with mercury spills is such a pain.
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    Anyone had any luck getting free periodic tables - large posters?

    No. I made this instead. Prints onto 9 A3 sheets so there is a little bit of 'making' involved, unfortunately.
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    Working holidays

    I'm not entitled to an enhanced overtime rate (unless it's overnight) or time in lieu, so any conversation I began as I suggested would end in laughter and a flat refusal.
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    Working holidays

    "Fantastic! Do I get double time or is it only time-and-a-half?"
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    Elodea and it's non invasive substitutes - supply issues
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    Edexcel exam board Distillation of Inky water

    We've had food colouring that decolourised and a few that were prone to foaming. Currently using powdered food colourings and they've been much better (not so greasy as the little bottles of liquid from the supermarket either).
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    Best filter paper for chromatography

    We use (the roll isn't shaped like in the photo) and it last for ages. It's so easy to cut with a rotary guillotine.
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    You want what?

    Our schemes of work have been overhauled over the last 18months and I'm now getting requests that have clearly been copy/pasted from the SoW. A few of them are so cryptic that I've had to ask "What exactly do you want?" usually to be met with "I don't know, it's in the SoW, I thought you'd know".
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    testing in schools

    The handbook at seems to be a pretty good guide to how it should work. Any Head asking for test tubes and lab coats clearly doesn't know what's expected.
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    Extension springs, different spring constants

    They're the two I'm currently using! GLS = Philip Harris: even the catalogue codes are the same.
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    Extension springs, different spring constants

    We use BE lots so I'll risk a box next time we order to see what they're like (£6.98). Thanks.
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    Extension springs, different spring constants

    Hmm, an expensive option! It's a bit of a worry that the photo shows spring that don't look very "assorted"!
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    Extension springs, different spring constants

    Thanks Paul. Those first two are the two we currently use that are almost indistinguishable. It's frustrating that they quote spring constants for these but not the third! Rough calc based on their slightly odd numbers does suggest they would be a decent option for a second spring.