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    School vs FE College

    If you have any doubts about whether you'll be able to do it or not, trust me. Put them out of your mind and just go for it. I was suffering serious depression due to back pain and being trapped in a dead end job that I loathed. My best mate told me about a technician vacancy at the school he...
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    Today is my last day of the year too. I can't wait to go home and become a hermit for the next 6 weeks. I was self-isolating before it was mandatory. I like my solitude. Tis one reason why this job suits me so well.
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    Class Sizes

    About the same here. It can be a real pain when staff want full class sets, as that means setting up 15-16 sets for one lesson. If they want more than 2 pieces of a certain type of glassware per group, the numbers can quickly get out of hand. With numbers that large I try and push them to work...
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    flame test using spray bottles...

    As Tom H and Annie have mentioned, a little water definitely helps the compounds to dissolve properly. You want to be careful overdoing the water though. It can make the mechanism of the spray bottle become rusty if you store it in said spray bottle. You could get around this by rinsing the...
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    flame test using spray bottles...

    Yes, I've done this before. You will want several large heat proof mats under the bunsen. I used a 2x2 tiling layout, but you can go larger. I've used both undiluted and diluted (50%) industrial denatured alcohol with success. One thing to watch for: sometimes the spray can be enough to blow the...
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    Covering first aid

    The advantages of medical exemptions from first aid training. No bags of sick for me. Though to be fair, I've cleaned up my fair share of vomit and faeces working at VUE so... I've served my time dealing with human waste.
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    iPad Requisition Sheets/Systems

    Make it known that whoever bribes you with the most/tastiest biscuits gets them for that week.
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    Power supplies

    I have 14 of these, except mine have a blue dial rather than red. One or two have acted up, but I've been able to put them back to working order.
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    Working holidays

    They can't force it if it's outside of your contract. They would have to pay you overtime. The other option for you, is if you want to accrue some time to spend on Time off in Lieu, you can volunteer your time, and take it off during term time. Useful if you have a term time birthday. Though...
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    Prescription Safety Glasses

    I can't wear large goggles/safety glasses very my glasses. I get very warm and they just fog up to the point that I can no longer see anything, and it becomes safer to work without any eye protection AND without my glasses at that point. So in the end I just stumped up and paid for some...
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    Stock Solutions

    I think what I would do is test the solutions in question using whatever practical you might use them for and see if you still get a suitable, expected outcome. If you do, they're likely still OK. If not, dispose and remake. If your water levels have reduced significantly through evaporation you...
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    Practical notice period

    My deadline is Thursday evening, for all practicals desired for the coming week. So long as it's in before the start of the day on Friday, that gives me the day to start prepping the most urgent Monday practicals. My only current exception to this is dissections, for which an extra week's notice...
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    We bought into it just before COVID hit. I've recently started diving into it in order to make the KS3 practicals into Lablogger templates. It takes some getting used to where navigation is concerned, but once it clicks it's pretty handy. Once you enter the resource page, you can filter out most...
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    I wasn't particularly sure where I sat on the pay issue, so this thread prompted me to delve into it. Turns out I'm on the NJC Pay Scale. I started out on the very lowest scale point (SCP 1) 4 years ago, so I was on about £9.10 per hour in 2017. Since then my pay has climbed steadily, where it...
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    Stop Clocks

    I have a bunch of those (or at least they look like those, possibly an earlier model of the same design). They're pretty durable. Only had one break on me so far. The pcb was snapped. I think a pupil pressed the buttons too hard and snapped it. I was able to open it up and use tape and solder to...