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    Can you heat 250ml glasses?

    sorry i make a mistake i have changed my post hopefully to your liking
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    Can you heat 250ml glasses?

    you do not directly heat a casserole dish with a flame
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    Can you heat 250ml glasses?

    They is 3 types of glass soda, borosilicate, borosilicate 3.3 . Pyrex is borosilicate 3.3 but with a slight changes but home ware pyrex are just soda glass. sodas glass cant be heated directly 3.3 is more heat resistant the normal borosilicate.
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    How to get this printed label off this bottle?

    i don't know and have never tried it but could you Burn it off?
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    Potassium piece, size limit?

    SSS080-Alkali-metals.pdf ( is says to use a grain of rice size piece
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    Hazcard Collection

    to answer your question i don't think they is a way to download all the hazcards separately in one go.
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    SEP Energy meters

    You can blow the internal fuse if you try to run over 7A through it
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    vernier or data harvest dataloggers?

    I like data harvest the most i only have older versions of both but i find the Vernier a bit of a pain to set up the way i want also the software for data harvest is free where as the Vernier have a free and payed for one so you have to pay to get some features.
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    Dissection equipment

    we use these from espo Plastic Serving Trays (
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    Tech team organisation

    2 tech no a-level but 2 ks5 betec classes. we have ks3 and ks4 and we both prep all sciences.
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    Unknown metal in the alkali metals tray

    you could also see how easily it cuts if its easy it lithium
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    ipc loudspeaker amplifier unit used for

    sorry it had not clicked that a signal gen could not drive some of these things
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    ipc loudspeaker amplifier unit used for

    yes i have found that but it does not tell me what it does
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    ipc loudspeaker amplifier unit used for

    What experiments would it be used with? We have a signal generator without an amp so what does the Amp let you do?
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    How to get the storerooms cleaned

    can you get a vacuum cleaner and vacuum up the worst and then wipe the bottle with a damp cloth and the shelves as well .