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    Grant JB1 waterbaths with plastic lining

    Perhaps you could help me by getting the dimensions I need as I'm no longer at work? I'd like the thickness from inside the bath to the outside, plus the internal legth and width. I reckon we could get a plastic channel profile that would fit, cut mitred joints and seal it.
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    Grant JB1 waterbaths with plastic lining

    These plastic linings seem to go brittle at the top and a bit of rough handling can leave open holes where water could get down to the electrics. Grant have no more liners abailable so I can see a lot of baths being made unusable by this fault. It occurs to me that there must be a way of...
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    Dynamics Trolley wheels

    One option that comes to mind is convert them to 4 wheel trolleys, then tou can fit what you like.
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    Dynamics Trolley wheels

    I think the problem is always the third wheel, getting replacement wheels is easy for the outer two but getting one that fits in the thirdwheel space was always the issue for me, as all three need to be the same diameter I drew a blank.
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    Investigate thermistors

    The NTCs I had were around 23k ohm at room temp. However we only used them with DMMs set to measure resistance. I would question the need for 6V, if you use DMMs (Digital Multi Meters) you won't need to worry about the current being small.
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    I'd call it a hose tail, or more correctly a male hose tail adaptor , though presumably they don't actually solve the problem, everybody gets soaked if you use one on a lab tap with a vent.
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    Mammal Trap

    I see they do longworths with shrew holes now, we used to put catfood in to keep them alive!
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    Big rainbow

    I used a slide projector and a spherical flask to make a single raindrop rainbow. I don't see why that would not work with an OHP. You need to collimate the light source, that's all.
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    National Grid demo

    Obviously not because the technicians would step in to stop it.
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    national grid simulator help please

    I think they are bulgin
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    national grid simulator help please

    I don't think those are audio plugs/sockets though.
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    national grid simulator help please

    250V at 500mA is more than enough to kill.
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    I'm thick at maths, plz help! :P

    When I look at a ratio like that I add the two together to find how many parts there are, so that makes 10 in this case. You know that the bit you know about is 9/10 and you want 1/10 for the other bit so that's why you divide the number you know by 9. It might be a simpler way of looking at it...
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    Electron tubes

    I have the instructions for all the tubes on file including some ideas for experiments. If your EHT supplies have both 6.3V and 12V outputs start by filling the 12V with hot glue.
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    mystery apparatus

    At the school I worked at till last week they no longer have them all hanging around as they were mine, now they are all here taking up space!