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    Hot hot hot

    It's late, nearly midnight, and it is still 35 degrees in our hall. much the same here in the sitting room but we have two fans on. The bedrooms are about the same. Opening windows doesn't make much difference. The conservatory gets a lot hotter than that during the day but in the evening if...
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    I just kept my tools in the preproom and brought stuff back to fix. Only occasionally would I need to take tools somewhere, perhaps a small toolbox for on the go would help? In my new job starting september there are four dedicated physics labs all very close to the preproom so I will hardly...
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    I went to the craghoppers site as that's what I wear. While they do offer womens clothing with better pockets why is it all tight? The advantage of craghoppers for me (a bloke) is that they are lightweight and loose.
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    New job starts Sept, they are talking about buying polo shirts for me but no decision on colour. Black at last school where uniform was purple. Uniform here is black so perhaps I can have a lighter colour this time. Black is great until you go out in the sun!
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    More Guess the Item (something to do with gratings and slits?)

    no ruling devices in the 1950 catalogue. That's the newest one I have.
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    Bell in a Jar - how to get better results without spending a fortune

    I used a speaker hanging on its wired from the bung with sig gen externally. That way teachers don't get involved in moving the bell jar off the plate.
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    Charles' Law Capillary Tubing Diameters

    I am absolutely astounded that anybody allowed you to have peanut oil on a school site.
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    MOLTEN clamp

    Doesn't take much to melt what we used to call mazac, now called zamak
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    Elephant ears.

    The thing with Elephants is they are pumping blood round the ears, they don't rely on conduction from the head to get out to the ear.
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    Traning New Technican

    School experience sounds good. I had no idea when I started and took a while to get the hang of KS2/4/5. They may also be familiar with your computer systems. CLEAPSS courses are great.
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    Teltron Tube types

    My new school has a luminescent, always wanted one, but no perrin. Anybody got one they don't want?
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    More Guess the Item (something to do with gratings and slits?)

    can't find it in the 1924 or 1950 catalogues
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    Technicians training day ideas

    We had to cancel a training day at my last school due to Covid, but I was due to run a session on required practicals in Physics. Ideas and help with Physics practicals is always one of the big asks at these things because there are so few Physics specialists. I think best ask your prospective...
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    Dynamics Trolleys

    Getting the right wheels for maintenance is always a bugbear, but I recently collected some from a school fitted with skateboard wheels. This seems like a cheap option. You need to cut the third wheel space to make it a wider slot. Tyres are not cheap but every secondary school must have enough...