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    It's a waiting game now - hatching

    Please do a bit of research beforehand in case one of your chicks has a disability. We hatched some guinea fowl at home and one had a deformed leg. We had to make a splint for it. It took us too long to sort it out and it died because it could not stand and feed itself. It was heartbreaking but...
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    Making rates of reaction micro kits

    Hi all, has anyone made the micro rates of reaction equipment (Cleapss). I was wondering what you used to make the holes in the plastic. Do you have any tips for making them? Thank you
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    returning to labs 21st June

    We have been doing full size practicals and required practicals all through since lockdown. We dishwash goggles and then sterilise them in x10 strength milton solution. All other equipment is labelled and put into quarantine with three clear days in between ie. items used on Monday will be out...
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    Making states of matter syringes

    Thank you all for replies. I have now tried glue, which seems to work so far and also heating and sealing the nozzle, which also works. I might try the idea with the wire inserted next time, that sounds like a good way to release trapped air in the syringe. The real test is when these syringes...
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    Making states of matter syringes

    Has anyone made filled syringes to show compression with solid, liquid and gas? I am not sure what glue to use to seal the end of the syringe. Is superglue any good? or maybe a sealant of some sort? thanks.
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    Issue with HoD?

    Why not send all your department an email. Keep it light and short. Just say that you would like staff to call you by your first name rather than be called the technician (when there are no pupils around) as it makes you feel more part of the team. It is disrespectful of you HOY not to use your...
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    My job was advertised yesterday

    It sounds like they have no idea of what you actually did as a science technician. We had a similar problem here, where they put out the wrong job description.
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    Fermentation jar

    Just brainstorming here - how about a shallow, wide, see through plastic box with a lid? Holes drilled in for probes. It does not need to be glass or have an airlock. If it's quite wide, you will not risk the froth overflowing. You can find such boxes on the internet (we have some at home)
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    Transition day

    How about chromatography using felt tip pens. It's easy, fun and they could take them home?
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    Telephone in Prep Room

    Yes, easier said than done! It has been going on for years before I worked here.
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    I chose the wrong day to come in and get some jobs done !

    We have to do our own pats, hundreds of items too!
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    Smashing Ice!

    We use ice cube trays and then empty the frozen blocks into bags.
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    Vaccine reaction

    I have had two Astra vaccines and both times the side effects were tiredness for a few days, still went to work
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    buying gallium

    I bought a small vial of Gallium from Ebay for little experiments at home. It comes as a solid and not granular. I have just looked on Ebay but I cannot see the listing any more, sorry
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    Old Ammonia solution

    Ammonia rarely goes out in our school and we have old stock as well. Thinking of keeping just a small amount.