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    The things teachers say...

    We get: there is a big bird in the corridor/a rat outside/a stray cat or a swarm of bees on the stairs! They think we are zoo keepers and pest control
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    Guilty pleasures ( keep it clean!)

    Yes cold trifle after a party the day before, so refreshing
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    What are these?

    Could they be some some of plug/attachment for a gold leaf electroscope?
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    Long tweezers are best or take the lock apart
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    Unknown chemicals

    Yes, Cleapss will advise. Do not assume they may be harmless, they may suggest they are collected by a specialist disposal company.
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    Rigging wave machine

    How about losing the kite handles and tying the string around something solid, wooden block maybe? Something you can clamp in that will not distort under pressure. We use the jelly baby version, which is not perfect but at least it is a bit lighter.
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    Well, we left it overnight for the chlorine to dissipate but we did not use any chemical treatment
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    A little game

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    We bought some last week, it is in a tank will a good light and aerator but still it is beginning to yellow and look very sad. We will keep it and see if it dies completely.
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    We buy it in.
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    Going into industry to avoid being 'pigeon holed'?

    Yes, always keep your options open. Some school technicians jobs are full time (mine is full time) and so the wages are ok. Some university technician jobs pay more than schools. You can side step into industry laboratory/technician jobs. I actually came from the photographic industry to work in...
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    Asbestos floors

    Ask who is in charge of Health and safety in your workplace and immediately send them an email ,explaining the situation and say that you are concerned for your health. CC the email to the top person eg. head/principal/director. They should get a formal inspection and report every year about...
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    KS3 practicals/SOW

    Same here apart from AQA required practicals. All the others are done independently, often teachers looking on the internet, especially YouTube for practicals ( although they have plenty of paid for online resources). They often do the same practical in a different way from each other, crazy!