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    new fixed fume cupboard cost

    Thank you for the heads up Andrew, but asbestos isn't a concern here. We are not in an old building.
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    new fixed fume cupboard cost

    Could anyone give a rough idea of how much a new ducted fixed fume cupboard would cost? Obviously I know companies give individual quotes but a starting figure would be really helpful right now. or is it cheaper to move/dismantle an existing one to a different floor? any help would be greatly...
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    Can a tech step in to stop a practical?

    haha! ironically he worked at my old school too (which I left), then he got a job at my current place! :rolleyes:
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    Can a tech step in to stop a practical?

    Emails are relied on heavily, however its a problem when he comes into the prep room and just has a go instead.
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    Can a tech step in to stop a practical?

    well, when our HOD first took over, we were both called in to the office with him to carry out "some house keeping" he said to us that the under the previous HOD we had been "allowed to get away with too much" and there was way too much of "the tail wagging the dog!" and that had to change...
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    sugar cube flame test

    We use a small ball of mineral wool soaked in a small amount of the metal salts made up in methanol. (only small amounts needed) maybe half a spatula or so of the salt and mix it with maybe 10-15ml of methanol. burn it on a double layer of tin lids and 2-3heat mats underneath though (it burns...
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    when I first started here, we received an order from Sci Mart. it was in the name of the previous Snr Tech. it was dated over a year before arrival!! definitely avoid using them myself. They are terrible in my experience.
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    Lab taps again!

    Yes you can still attach the tubes. As far as I am aware they stop potential back flow into the water system. As long you have the air-gap thingys then you can still use them.
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    RA for office staff

    thank you for this :) I have passed this on ;)
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    P50 Fire Extinguishers

    A lot of places don't realise that these aren't always supported by insurance companies. it is easy and cheap to stick in an extinguisher in the corner and forget about it. and does the company that supplies them also assess the areas and the numbers and commission the extinguishers in the...
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    RA for office staff

    already suggested this too, but they weren't having any of it. I was seen as well and truly in the wrong... :(
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    RA for office staff

    I tried telling them this and they simply told me off and said I was in the wrong and they would continue to do it their way :oops:
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    RA for office staff

    we had this very issue recently, finance have told me they will open ALL deliveries to check off the items!!! :eek::eek: and then parcels are left in the stairwell until they are brought down to us... no emails... no notification of any kind... I raised the H&S issue but got told off for...
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    I second this one, this is the method I have always used, and its always worked well for me.
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    we love this one!!! looks gorgeous! :):)